Glucose tabs and tooth decay

I end up chewing some amount of glucose tabs at least half the days in a week. Sometimes at night after I brushed my teeth. But isn’t sugar harmful in terms of tooth decay?

What do you do to negate the tooth decay effects of these intakes of sugar around the gums?

Outside of brushing a bazillion times a day, I ask my daughter to swish some water around in her mouth and either spit or swallow. TBH, that isn’t done very often. I make sure she gets her teeth cleaned more frequently. And I’ve heard that one can have their teeth “sealed”, but I don’t know exactly what this entails.

Good old sugar free gum is the best. Just pop it in and chew away. The start gets the saliva goin to rinse, and the gum itsef wipes.

I asked my dentist this same question, he said if you can, rinse some water around your mouth. He said if possible, follow that up with using some mouthwash, he recommended listerine total care (it’s purple, there are also generic brands cheaper available at places like target or wal-mart that are essentially the exact same.) I use glucose tabs frequently due to being ultra active and this has always worked for me.