Glucose Tabs

Is it ok to leave glucose tabs in the car? Even if it gets really hot or really cold in there?? Thanks!

I do. We've been over 100 much of the summer, we've had some pretty cold winters, and they seem to work the same as always.

I agree; I don't think they're affected by temperature.

I leave a roll of glucose tabs in the car, they work fine.

I did leave a bottle in my car last summer, it must of been pretty humid and the tablets swelled up so that I could not get them out.

Don't think it matters, but I wouldn't leave the liquid or gel type in the car.

I've had the swelling happen too, like if I didn't use them quickly enough.

I keep tabs in the car all of the time. In the summer, they start getting dots on them. I was a little concerned that it was mold, but others say it’s just related to humidity. Whatever, I continue to use them and haven’t gotten sick. I don’t put a whole 50-count bottle in the car, more like a half bottle.

Thanks for the replys :) I'll be sticking a roll of glucose tabs in my car today :)

Mine kept in the car for a long long time (summertime in particular?) get the dots and splotches on them too. But they still work fine :-). Average life of a bottle in the car is at least half a year maybe more like a year (they don't get used there often.)

My working theory is the dots and splotches are caused by temperature breaking down the artificial coloring. If it was mildew then it could be scratched off but that doesn't happen.

Living in Phoenix, I never once thought that it was not okay to leave them in the car. I could see someone having concerns over leaving a plastic bottle/tube of tabs in the car because heating up the plastic might release some chemical or something.

All that aside, I think that heating up the fast-acting carb should be alright. I'm curious to see what others have to say.