Glucose Test Strip Container Effectiveness


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My issue with test strip containers doesn’t have anything to do with highs or lows, it’s just that they’re difficult to get out of the container. I wish they stuck up beyond the walls, rather than being at the bottom of a narrow tube.

It would be nice to be able to handle just one at a time, instead of dumping a bunch into your hand, then returning the excess to the bottle. It’s only really a problem with new bottles, though.


Voila! The Accu-Chek Guide! No spill strip case.

Rejoice! The strip case you envisioned is already in the market. Get your trial kit for free.


My question is, will I be able to re-fill this case with my Contour Next strips?


I have not tried it myself, but I have heard it does not work very well with them. @Jen can tell more. I believe she did try it and said the Contour strips are wider than the Accu-Check strips.

I made these holders. They work great, and hold a variety of strips. I can send you one if you want.



I have not used the strips you mentioned, but I have also never had a problem with getting strips out.

I take the strip container and a shake it twice (shake top to bottom) the strips come out easily.


That looks like a very interesting and convenient case (not that mine, the Contour Next, is that bad). I have never had a problem getting the strips out, but I guess it never hurts to have another feature as long as you don’t need to sacrifice any others for it!


Yes, the Contour Next strips are too wide to fit into the Accu-Chek Guide strip container. You can shove them in there, but they sit sort of slanted and aren’t easy to pull out.

I almost switched to the Guide, but one of the things I didn’t like about the strip container is that it’s difficult to open one-handed due to its shape and angles. I also didn’t like that once the strips get down to 15 or so, they are difficult to get out without knocking all the strips loose since there is nothing holding them tightly in place anymore, especially because as there are fewer and fewer strips the last few strips are at the very back of the container, necessitating opening the lid all the way to access them. It’s the pressure of the sides of hte container on the sides of the strips that hold them in place, so if the strips are knocked while opening the is or while getting a strip out, they all fall out or fall into the bottom of the strip container and need to be lined back up again, which I found annoying. I think this could be solved if the container had a spring it in to continually push the strips forward and keep them aligned, but that would make refilling it more difficult. I have kept my empty Guide strip containers because they might come in handy at some point (e.g., putting some Contour Next strips in there if I want to put a meter and accessories into a spi-belt temporarily).

I combine two Contour Next containers into one container that easily holds 100 strips or more. I don’t have any problems removing strips from the container without having to dump them into my hand, but maybe I have smaller fingers. If I’ve put a large number of strips, like say 125 strips, in one container, then sometimes I do need to shake it once or twice to loosen up the strips, and I do have to tip it sideways to get a few strips to slide partially out before I can grab one.


I do the opposite. I use one touch, smaller containers. I keep my previous empty container, then put about 1/2 of new container into old container. Then there’s enough room for my finger to slide out one strip.