GLYBURIDE? How long till it works?

I’ve been on it for about 7 days now. I’m new to all this but I still don’t feel well. My bs is 363 today. I’m tired of feeling tired already. My dr. says NOT to test because I will fluctuate right now. I can’t help it though. Even if I didn’t test, I am TIRED and I have to go back to work next week. I have a physical job, I need energy to do it. I don’t sit at a desk!! I’m so frustrated. What do I do now?

What should I ask about my lab test? Maybe I need to be on that other medicine.


Glyburide should work immediately. It stimulates insulin secretion by beta cells–if you have functional beta cells.

With blood sugars as high as you report, and no change in blood sugars, the message is that your beta cells are not working.

Have you been evaluated for Type 1 diabetes or LADA ?(LADA slow and older onset autoimmune diabetes. )

Also, are you eating a high carb diet? If you are, try this strategy:

If glyburide and cutting carbs do not lower your blood sugar you need to be seen by an endocrinologist or someone familiar with treating Type 1 diabetes!

thank you!

I am not on a high carb diet. My Dr. won’t allow any carbs right now until i level out, which is not happening. I just feel like I might be calling the dr. too much, but I feel I must.