GNU Gluco Software and Animas

Hi !

I am developer of Open Source Software called GNU Gluco Control... It's software that works on any platform (written in Java) and for next release (coming in few days) I have added support for Animas (even Vibe)... Now I would need some people willing to give it a test... It would be nice if you have a little computer knowledge, so that you could supply me with log files in case that there is error (there shouldn't be, but you never know). I would especially need some Mac users, because I don't own a Mac and couldn't test it there...

Take care,

Hey Andy would you be so kind as to provide a bit more information on what this software will do and how it will assist us with our pumps and more importantly diabetes. Cheers…

Like I said this is open source software (it's free) and it should work on all platform. It's used for diabetes management. I use it mostly to download data from my devices and print out report for my doctor. But it has a lot of features, it contains food database, you can make your own food database, you can manually add data into (if you have pump you will probably want to download data from it, instead of manually writing it), you can see reports, graphs... What is new is support for Animas and also for Dexcom G4... So you could download your data, even if you use Mac or linux... I am not really supporter of having your own personal medical data on some site (Diasend or Carelink or whatever) which can be easily hacked...

You can try it out, but support for Animas commes in next version... Link is

Andy I'm happy to give it a run email me

I can try it for you - have access to Macs and PC's.

would be happy to test drive it. Please email me thanks…Joe

I have win 7 64 bit and win 8.1 PC to test it on .

Be happy to help. Have a windows8 PC and iPadAir.

Thanks for such great reply... All those who didn't put their email down, please send them in PM...
Software will be ready in a day or two and you will get my mail and instructions on what I need tested....

Now Mac users... application is graphical, but it needs to be started from command line... I got a comment once that this is not the way Mac applications are run... You will need to make shortcuts or launchers yourself (same for Linux people)... I tried experimenting with new installer software, but decided agains it, since next version (not this one) should have automatic updates already...

Hi Andy I am a software tester by trade, and type 1 diabetic. I would love to help test this software. I have a minimed insulin pump and a dexcom G4 platinum CGMS. trying to find a solution to integrate the 2 different sets of data into one platform is my current goal.

Dexcom has “Dexcom Studio” which is pretty horrible and limited. I love Medtronic’s Carelink reports, but I cannot upload my CGMS sugar readings into it.

I hope you are still looking for help.

Hi guys (and girls) !

I am sorry… I totally forgot about you… I have sent test version out last week (I took a while)… So here are now instructions for all of you…

So support for Animas is finished it just needs a little bit of testing…

What needs to be tested:

  • Pump Download, please download and check if data is correct (dates and values)
  • CGMS Download, please check your BG durring day and note it somewhere, at end of day download data and check if BGs are displayed at
    correct time.

Pump download should work without problems, but I had little problems with CGMS (time). CGMS integration uses different method for storing time
which is why I need that you test if it works for you…

If you have Dexcom G4, you can test that also…

Now to release:

New version is available on:

How to test:

  1. Download file
  2. Unpack into some directory
  3. cd <some_directory>
  4. cd bin
  5. delete file …/data/StartupStatus.txt
  6. run_<OS_Name> for starting it

At end of testing, please write simple report, containing:

  1. Your name
  2. Your OS type (Linux, Windows, Mac, x32, x64, sub type (kernel or version))
  3. Java version (Help → About and last tab you can see most of info)
  4. What did you test (just simple list)
  5. Which errors did you find (you need to run application from console, so that you can see when there is Error)
  6. Attach log files (/data/log) as zip
  7. If you have any new idea or comments…

Thanks again for your willingness to help.

P.S.: You have 2 weeks to test, but please send report as soon as you are finished so that I can try to fix any problem you have found.

sorry, new here. In your directions, there were 2 things I wanted to clarify:

Should "delete file …/data/StartupStatus.txt" be done prior to cd’ing to bin? I am guessing yes?

also. step 6, "run_ for starting it" which "run_" file? I see:


I assume run_win.bat since I am on windows.


actually you need to change into bin\

and from there we do:
delete file …/data/StartupStatus.txt

and yes you need to run:
run_win.bat on windows on linux
run_mac.bash on mac


gotcha. I missed the “…/”

Not working on my machine right now because java dir is empty, but I think the “java” directory is getting nuked by our fw.

I will try this at home. THanks