Goals are a good thing.

I know that when I do not have anything to look forward to, nothing on my life's horizon, I flounder. I get depressed. Even if it is just a short trip to visit friends in another city for they day, I need something on my agenda, or I find myself getting blue.

Of course, setting unattainable goals is not wise. There are days when the graduate work is piling up and I'm not motivated to do it and soon I find myself in a snowball effect... the more I have to do, the less I feel like doing it, and the more piles up in the "to do" part of my mind... and my house... and at work. :D

A few days ago, I read a page on Jenny's website about the UK study and 7% AC1, which she calculated out to an average of 172 mg/dl. I've been wondering since, what the average would be to have a 5% AC1. Now, I'm not bad in math, I thought I knew how to calculate it, but this morning when I tried, I got really wyrd numbers. So, when Darling #1Son brought my coffee to my cubbyhole, I asked him how I could figure it out...

It works out to an average of 122 mg/dl. Happily, with SugarStats, I can look at all manner of listings and charts and graphs to see how closely I am/can keep to this number. Now to get my doc to write my strips script for a greater amount so I can watch the PMG (is that right, or is it PPG??).

Now, I have a goal. However, I also know that I will go way off it now and then, but I must not beat myself up about it when I do. It's a goal, not a commandment.