God please stop it from Raining....(Diabetic Slump)

I have been podding for almost a month and I thought everything was going to be “peachy” and it was up until a few weeks ago. My bg’s have been sucking in the AM. I am trying to think positive but I don’t like seeing my fasting numbers up in the 125-150.
I am frustated…
I am upset…
I am doing everything right…

I can’t figure out why my fasting BG’s are so out of wack…

Gosh just thinking about it is making me want to go back to shots.
Maybe I should have stuck w/ MDI’s instead of using a POD.
I’m just sick in tired, of being sick and tired.

I just want my old fasting numbers back…God can you please listen to me!!!


I know God would never put more on me than I can bare…

Im so sorry that you’ve had suck a sucky week! Honey life just tends to do that to do that to us. Tell ya’ what why don’t you try this try the Pod for about a month if your bs don’t come under control by then just go back to your Dr and you and him see if maybe there’s something else out there for you to try. I myself have been on the Medtronic MM for 21 years now using every new pump they have come up. I’ve been a diabetic for 35 years all total. My oldest daughter is now a pumper too! She’s been on the Medtronic MM for the last year or more. She done the shots for 8 years beforethat! Good Luck Hon on what ever you decide to do! CHIN UP YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

What she said…it’s hard to say it better than Doris Ann (especially when she quotes her father!)
It is so frustrating when you honestly feel that you’re doing it right but your body is responding wrong. My doc said this AM, “Your body didn’t read the same textbook as the rest of us.” So unfair, but you know there will be good days following the bad. Hang in there. I tell myself, even on days when my control isn’t great, it’s better than if I wasn’t trying and certainly better than it would be if I didn’t have the knowledge and support of the people here. Good luck.

Sometimes it takes a while to get the pump to where the settings are right. I just started the pump about 3 months ago and personally I can’t see myself ever going back on shots. I have so much better control and my latest Hba1c was 5.4 and that was just a month after pumping down from 7.0. Even though I get frustrated with it and have my days where I want to throw the darn thing, I just think about the control I know have over the diabetes and for me that makes it worth while. I use the MM 722 and love it. I have heard bad things about the omnipod not have consistent delivery that is why I chose to go with the MM 722. Just make small adjustments with your insulin pump until you get the desired readings. If your fasting blood sugar is higher than you like then try increasing your basal rates 2 hours before the time you check in the morning and keep doing it that way until you get your fasting blood sugars right. You may have to spend quite a bit of time basal testing at first to get your basals right. I know I spent a week doing basal testings to get mine set up.

I was having a bad night!!! I am going to stay w/ it and be patient. I can’t and won’t let this experience get me down…I am not going to go back to shots!! I can Handle this!! Thank you all for your kind words…I love this place…

I adjust my basal and it worked this morning! I hope I continue to see my fasting’s drop. Elaine I wish our bodies where on the same page as our thoughts…lol I wouldn’t be a diabetic…but then again if I wasn’t a diabetic I wouldn’t be on tudiabetes:)

Also, consider the impact that the stress you may be enduring has on your blood sugars. It will cause them to go up, for sure.

Be still, be patient: you will get the numbers to where you want them.

Keep on plugging away with that basal! You’ll get it. Remember, what worked one week may be totally wrong for you the next. Our bodies are going to do what they’re going to do so we just have to roll with it and make the changes best we can. Good luck and keep smilin’!

KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! YOUR DOING GREAT!!! PROUD OF YOU!!! Manny’s right about the stress though. Just try and let nature take its toll!

Glad that today is a better day. I keep thinking that the science will just keep getting better and it will, hopefully, just keep getting easier for us.