Going back to school!

Hi there… I thought I’d share my news with my friends on TuD. I’m heading back to school to get into the medical field. Going into a Medical Assistant’s Associates Degree.

Ok, I won’t be a Doctor or a Nurse, but I may be able to help change something in some small way… Help to raise Diabetes Awareness from the inside… This will be the first step in a long journey, but I hope that what I know can help and be passed on…

Maybe that’s the only way we can get our message out there… get into the medical field and make a difference.

Wish me luck… I start in two weeks! x

Good Luck! Congratulations too, a step in the right direction for sure. I bet you will be wonderful and yes, a good way to educate others regarding Diabetes.

That is great news I am a paramedic and have been able to teach others about diabetes like the cops got a training course from me on low blood sugars VS being drunk I took them out to my car and showed them the car of a messy diabetic lol used test strips here and there glucose tabs meter things to look for in a car if a person seems drunk but might be having a low instead it is all bout rasing that awareness so good luck to you my friend

Ooo, that’s wonderful!

Hi there

Good for you, as there is nothing wrong with that approach , I tooo was thinking about re entering the college degree, but wastrying to directly angle something more direct, like diabetic educator, or even a couselor, do you happen to see if they had courses for those type fields??

Thank you for all your support guys… :slight_smile: Good for you med464rescue. I think unless you’re directly affected by this disease you really don’t know much or anything about it, only what you hear from the TV. I think it should be part of all biology lessons in school in some way, especially now that there are so many people who have Diabetes in the world today.

I have a Batchelors Degree already Magic, but it’s from the UK and isn’t well recognised here, so the key to my opening of the door to my other Degree is to take another one here in America. The College I’m going to be attending doesn’t do anything other than Medical Assisting, Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Administration and Pharmacology in the medical field. However, I’m sure if you attend one of the Universities they will have more in the counselling Line. In the UK I worked in the medical field for over 10 years, but even with that experience I can’t get work here, I still need to know the laws and legalities of the USA so hopefully with the new course and with my past experience I will sail through the course and will be able to get work as soon as I can. I miss my job and the feeling of being productive and useful, as I’m sure do many people who have been displaced in the USA. Here’s hoping that things will soon pick up for everyone. xx

Proud of you to be giving to society what is really reqd in the present scenario of emerging Diabetic explosion. Also to lot of fellow travellers on this TuD who are taking this type of support to society, including but not limited to med464rescue.