Going Down While Going Up

After my sinus surgery, I couldn’t exercise for 3 weeks. Last weekend was my first opportunity to do so, and I grabbed it with both hands. Saturday was a lovely, sunny and warm day, so I decided to go for a walk in the hills around the dam.

I didn’t want to have to eat specially before exercising, so I figured I would do it an hour after lunch. I let my sugars run a bit high, so they were 6.2 (112) before lunch. Before the walk, they were (6.3) 113. This is in the range that my dietician told me to be in, so I thought I would be okay.

I started off fairly slowly, stopping to rest as I climbed the hill. I felt good all the way up to the top. I walked along the top of the hill, and then decided, as I was feeling good, to go a bit further and head up another minor hill. On the way up this hill, I started feeling odd - out of breath and shaky. I measured my sugars, and indeed I was low!

I found a nearby rock to sit on, popped some glucose tabs and chilled for 15 minutes. I was REALLY glad I remembered to bring my cellphone with it’s mp3 player. Sadly, there was no shade around, so I got rather sunburnt in this time. After the fifteen minutes, I snacked on a rusk and made my way down the hill. I was a bit nervous about my sugar dropping while I walked, but I couldn’t stay up there any longer getting burnt. I made it down, and my sugar was 5.6 (101).

Some things I need to think about:

  1. I need to get a bag without straps (oh no! the dreaded fanny pack!) so I won’t have tan lines
  2. I should have taken something to drink!
  3. Sun tan lotion is good for you
  4. Shorter shorts mean better tanning
  5. Oh, and what the heck was up with my supposedly high blood sugars dropping so quickly???

It is beautiful to think fun and list priorites.Have a great time,Megan