Going for insulin

Thanks so much, Jim, didn't do well with science a 100 years ago, and it hasn't gotten much better since, So what you are telling me, and others is that the Amaryl or med like that are really causing the beta cells, islet cells to be overworked by having to deal with these type of drugs. (very basically) I am very much a believer of newly diagnosed persons should be put in insulin (even if they have to come into the office to get the injection because they can't do it themselves) to start, just to give their pancreas a break and rest. Then "if" and "when" they are in a physical condition to start an oral med, go for it, But only after they've gotten themselves settled down and understand what's going on with their bodies,
Why mess around with med/changes over and over again. If you can find one thing or two or however many to do the job. I'd rather have to give myself a shot, because let's face it I'll be "poking" myself for the rest of my life, giving blood at least once every 3 - 4 months.... go for what makes you better now,.

I follow Dr. B somewhat. I cut out starches but still eats veg & fruits. When I first cut out the starches, I dropped 20+ lbs as well as my A1c. One summer I was able to get it down to a 5.8 but have slowly increased since then. I think the insulin will be the trick. Thanks for the comments.

Reading your post and that by jims makes me think of the Afrezza mealtime insulin I just saw a good video on from the artificial pancreas project: http://www.diabetesmine.com/2013/10/inhalable-insulin-and-other-news-from-easd-2013-in-barcelona.html
I think they just got finished testing patients with metformin and the inhaled insulin as a mealtime bolus. jims was talking about the liver signaling which seems to be a big plus with Mannkind's Afrezza as it supposedly signals the liver unlike novolog. I think it will be available next year.

I have been on the 75/25 long acting insulin and that stuff is just murder to track and control. A 3 to 4 hour fast acting insulin is great such that after the 3 to 4 hour time period, one can add another insulin dose without having to do a tricky track and watch multiple doses of long acting insulin - actually murder.

Best wishes and good luck.

This T2 really agrees. Latest work on T2 islets and pancreas is now suggesting that the islets actually morph back to some pre-state as they sit overwhelmed by excess glucose and oxidation products too long. But put conditions back closer to normal and islets decide to stop doing rip van winkle snooze state and go back to work.

My opinion is that the glyburides, starlix, glimperide amaryl et all just make the problem worse and blocking any possible islet recovery. Been there done that. I think Dr. Bernstein may have a valid point here. A 30 year+ type 2 speaks out.

Hello hope everything working out for you. My dr started me on metformin 500mg once a day now I take 1000 mg 2 times a day. Plus I also on Lantus 8 units a day I take 4 units twice a day that seems to work better for me. Now that I have 3 heart diseases they don’t want my BG go over 150. On my insulin they are going to change brands they told me it be a lot cheaper $4 for 5 pens I pay now $10 for the Lantus Solostar 5 pens.

Best wishes and good luck going forward.