Going from injections to the pump!

Sometime in the next few weeks (i hope) I will be going to the D Center to start the process of getting a pump. What should I expect and what types of questions should I ask? This is new to me so i would appreciate any help. Thanks

Congrats Randy! There’s tons of info on line. The first thing I’d do it go to each of the pump company sites and read everything you can. Here is a comparison chart (don’t know how current it is). Look through and decide what features are important to you. You can also find the manuals for each pump on line.

I love my Ping.

Happy researching!

Congrats! You will love your new pump!

Deciding on your pump is personal and for me I picked the Omnipod but there are other nice options too. Like jrtpup said, check out the comparisons so you know what type to zero in on.

You and your doc will go over specific basal rates that’ll fit your lifstyle and always ask about how you should adjust it for certain activities. They told me -50f% for when I’m active originally but you need to be more precise with what kind of activity and duration to make good use of the pump.

Ask about infusion sets and think about whether you want to insert the cannula yourself, with some help or be totally automatic. Each one is a little different.

Also make sure that the test strips that are compatible with the pump are easily available to you. I had this issue with omnipod and it almost made me switch to the ping but i can’t dance with it so I stuck with omnipod.

Each one has their pros and cons and I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas but this seems to be all my brain is coming up with this morning.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

jrtpup, that’s a nice chart.

Randy, one question I would ask is “what’s my back up plan?” - if, for some reason, your pump is damaged, or malfunctions and you need a replacement pump, how will you cover your insulin needs until a new pump can be sent to you. This is why I love my Accu-chek Spirit. You get two pumps, so there is no need for a backup plan.

also I would ask if you can try a variety of infusion sets to see which you like best. Let us know how it goes! you’ll be glad you took the plunge.

Got my appointment for July 5. They said they were sending paper work for me to fill out and bring back. At first she wanted me to come in August 15. Are they backed up that far or is this the usual wait?

Not sure who “they” are, Randy; your doctor’s office/clinic? I just went through Animas to get my Ping. They contacted the insurance company and got approval in a couple days. They then contacted my doctor to sign the forms and when he didn’t respond in a couple days a rep went to his office and put the form in front of them. My doctor’s office contacted me and said I needed to get a current A1C which I did and then I was approved. Easy and quick. Then Animas sent out the pump and arranged for their trainer to contact me and come to my house for training after I received it. All told about 2 1/2 weeks.

Sounds like you go to some sort of “Diabetes Center” and that is where the holdup is for you. If you don’t want to wait, you might contact your pump company of choice and see if they can expedite the process. They want your business so are more proactive about getting things done.

My doctor asked me to go through the diabetic center at our local hospital. I have already contacted Medtronic and it has been approved by my insurance company.

Another question I had was just how much more expensive is the supplies for the pump or just doing injections?

It’s not as bad as you would think. I am like you t2 on a pump for two years now. I use a lot of insulin, about 120 units a day which is about 100 less than on shots. You won’t be needing two kinds of insulin. Keep the Lantus pens and Novalog if that is what you were on just as a backup at least until they expire. Mine have now expired. I get 18 vials of insulin every three months and my copay is$80 through Medco. The sets and reservoirs are more expensive but depending on your insurance coverage, mine is 80/20 expect to pay about $100 every three months as I get my supplies directly from Minimed where I got the pump. What pump are you getting? Best of luck and hope I shed some light on things.