Going from taking insulin to not taking insulin?

I was diagnosed as Type 2 back at the end of Jan. My doc (GP) started me on Metformin (500 mg. once a day, now up to 1000 mg. twice daily) as well as Apidra for bolus (now Humalog) and Lantus for basal. Here’s my question: He has been telling me that his goal was to get me off of insulin within 3-4 months. Is this realistic? I mean, if the insulin is working to help control my BG…and it is…then wouldn’t that be an indication of necessity? Does anyone have a success story along these lines?

Hey RanJo.

Your Dr may be seeing very good improvement on your BG management and your numbers are reducing to the point where he feels that the insulin is not needed. I know of Typ2’s started on insulin and then taken off. Many had made the adjustments to their lifestyle and diet and they were able to cover both their basal and mealtime needs with their own insulin. Prior to that their numbers were in the danger zones and they needed the insulin.

I would say the important thing for you is to keep a close eye on your numbers. If the Metformin eventually works along with diet and exercise great. Long term though it is very possible someday you will need to go back on insulin. Good luck to ya

Thanks for your reply, Pauly! This is still very new to me and I wasn’t sure how realistic the notion sounded. I would like nothing more than to be able to come off of the insulin, even if it ultimately turns out to be temporary. However, I’ll continue to do what I need to do to get/stay healthy.