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*** Going Green for your Pets ***

Eddie, the spokesdog for Pets for the Environment, has a lot to say about chemicals that affect him. Using fewer chemicals on our lawns and and around the house are great places to start. But Eddie has advice about pet food, flea collars, even water. What do you do to keep your pets free from everyday toxins? Read the article and add your comments: http://www.pethealthfocus.com/forum/topic/show?id=917805%3ATopic%3A4981

*** Love Travel? ***

It’s summertime - finally, you get to go on vacation! Do you love your pets so much that you can’t stand to leave home without them? The blog topic of the week is “Travel Stories.” Share your favorite pet travel story on your blog! (On your page at Pet Health Focus click My Blog.) I’ve started off the travel blogs and can’t wait to hear your stories. See mine at: http://www.pethealthfocus.com/profiles/blog/show?id=917805%3ABlogPost%3A4982

It’s easier now than ever to travel with your pets. These articles can help: http://www.pethealthfocus.com/articles/topic/listForTag?tag=travel

If you decide to leave your pets at home, SitterCity can find a great pet sitter in your area. See the Resources page at: http://www.pethealthfocus.com/page

*** Featured Member - Dr. Kim Bloomer and Shadrach ***

Kim Bloomer is Veterinary Naturopath. Shadrach, a 130-pound Mastiff is her teacher, starting her on the path to natural pet care. Kim is so dedicated that along with a thriving Veterinary practice, she spreads the word through her radio show called Animal Talk Naturally. She also has one of the most beautiful member pages at Pet Health Focus! Visit Kim and Shadrach at: http://www.pethealthfocus.com/profile/DrKimBloomer

*** New Articles ***
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