Going high after exercise?

Dear andy.

That is a good consideration not to kill the dog. I may be best to use the bike at the gym to do the building and just go and limber up with the dog.

Dear andy.

What would be nice is a readout of heart rate on the handle bar.

Dear andy.

Thanks would be good to have an idea of what to look for in the shop. The dog can manage fine 3 miles at a trotting speed. I can ride up and down the berm and also put on the brakes a bit to make sure the effort is in zone 2 once I have the heart monitor. I don’t like to bicycle inside and will probably not do it unless it is bitterly cold. which here it is often global cooling the great Canadian fear.

I have started noticing this - I have been walking the dog in the evenings…he is a fast walker and I go up and down hills…I go high, very high, immediately afterwards…then a couple of hours later I crash. I had started correcting when I go high but that makes me bottom-out even more later - which is during the night. I am also on the pump and GCM and can see it rise and fall…I have never noticed this before…I guess it is the liver releasing the sugar.
Before, when I was on shots, I guess I never noticed going high after strenuous exercise. I am going to try a lot impact walk and see what happens…

hey jason-
well, you are right i was overtraining. i didnt google 'overtraining" yet but my body took a divebomb last week and it was a rough one. i have hard time knowing my limits but i think my body made it pretty clear last week.

I got back in the gym yesterday and now am limiting to 1 hour 15 min workouts.
i guess i just dont like feeling limited and i wanted to see how much i could do. i tend to be “extreme” in whatever i do and i’m learning that i can’t always go “all out” when dealing with health/diabetes and i sure can’t expect the results i want when i want.

Thanks for your insight i really appreciate it!

as for the pump… there are a couple reasons i dont want to do it. i guess it would be a visible reminder that i have diabetes. i dont want something hanging off me all the time. plus i live in FL and go to pool/beach every weekend and i dont want people asking me what it is.
im eventually going to break down and get one. i’m willing to listen to what you have to say about it

hi anthony- i’m curious about your last sentence:
" If you have energy to spare you could continue for another 20 minutes of cardio and the BG will go down"

could you explain that more? i dont understand how another 20 min will help??

Dear heather.

Glucose is the only fuel the body has so if you do a lot of exercise the liver can’t spew it out forever so eventually . the BG must go down. In some people it may go too low not me.

hey andy now i understand a bit why you asked me if i have a HR monitor!

i was reading your post above and i was wondering why your HR was up to 80% if you rode too and from work in your normal fashion?
was it because you had taken a week off to get used to Metformin?

What do you eat before you ride so that you dont deplete so much glycogen? is there anything else you do other than staying in zone 2 to keep from using as much glycogen?

I had this problem when I played football, it was hard for me to comprehend at the time so I consulted my Endo about it and he said that it was due to my adrenalin. That was about 6 years ago and now when I run it doesn’t seem to happen. I set my temp basal rates at about 30% before I run about 4 miles and my numbers go up only about 20 points.

I’m happy to answer questions about this. Lots of things can make you sugars go high during of after exercise.

I have it only occasionally - when I exercise after not eating for more than 4 hours/before breakfast. I now have a snack an hour before work outs and it seems to have sorted out the problem. Livers are crazy organs.

Hi Bridget,
Check out the article on ppgs 12 - 13 in the Summer Edition of the 2008 DESA Newsletter, It might be helpful in your strengthening program The DESA Challenge.(http://www.diabetes-exercise.org/pdf/DESANewsSum08.pdf)
Good luck.

for what it’s worth you can get a CGM for a specific amt of time (my endo will be putting me on one for 1 week) because my BS are haywire from workouts. maybe that’ll help you track your BS better adn give you and idea of the trends

What was you BG before exercising? If you start out too high (usually around 230) your blood sugar will actually rise although I don’t know the science behind this. I have found too that after I go for a run even starting with an ok BG my BG will initially be on the low side and then will rise afterwards. I just keep an eye on it and adjust accordingly.