Going Live on the OmniPod!

I am scheduled to do my training and get the omnipod going on Wednesday. I am scheduled to do the traing with an OmniPod rep, but not with my CDE (she will be unavailable for some time to do it) but the OmniPod rep has been in contact with my CDE and my CDE has giiven her my pump orders. She has told me to not take my Tuesday evening and my Wednesday morning Lantus Dose. I understand why I am not to take the Wednesday am dose (Our appt is at 9am) but not sure why she has me skipping my Tuesday evening dose also. It seems to me that skipping my Tuesday evening dose will make my Wednesday morning blood sugar extremely.

I am currently taking 22 units of Lantus at Breakfast and 18 units Lantus at dinner time. If someone could explain why I am being told to skip the dinner dose, I would greatly appreciate the help.

I am very excited to get started on the OmniPod, but I do not really want to deal with an extremely high blood sugar on Wednesday morning that I will just need to treat with Hmalog anyways.

Thanksin Advance~!

I only took lantus once a day, in the evening and I was told not to take my evening dose, I started on the Pod that following evening. Since you split it it’s probably the same as I did with the one dose? I don’t remember an exceptionally high bs.

I was on Levimir, 9 units in the morning and 9 units in the evening. My doctor told me to do the usual the evening before, but only go 5 units for the morning. My training was at 3:30pm in the afternoon though.

I don’t think anyone on here can answer this accurately for you. Call Insulet and ask that question… they should have that answer for you. You can also call your CDE’s office and someone should be able to contact her and get back to you. We can only give you opinions, not advice because everyone’s different. Good luck.

It’s because Lantus is a long lasting insulin. And it works for 24 hours. If you were to still have it in your system you could not start basal insulin because the two together would cause you to go low. Don’t worry just watch what you eat tuesday night and you’ll be fine. Or do the lantus and then set a temporary basal to not start until 24 hours after the dose of lantus. Thats what they did for me. Hope that helps good luck!!

Yep, Will’s right. I was told lantus is in your system for up to 36 hours. I took my insulin as usual the day prior to starting the pump. However, I took almost no basal the first day and then 45% the next day and THEN I was on the full basal rate with the pump. Check with your CDE or with Insulet to see what options may be out there if you are nervous about quitting the lantus altogether. Good Luck!

Everything went well with my training and I am already loving the pod! My Blood Sugars have leveled out with a minimum of adjustment. Only had to make an adjustment for low blood sugars during the night. I have a spot near the pod (below and to the right of where the canulla is inserted) that is tender to touch, but not red or swollen. I think it may be due to hitting a nerve ending when the canulla inserted. (The insertion hurt and the first 2 times I did a bolus, it burned for a few minutes) Is this normal on the firt few pods? Just curious. Thanks for all your help

I am glad it went well! The first pods I used were in my arms and I had the same sensation. My CDE said that my arms may be too lean and she encouraged me to try my flank (just above the waistband). I had a lot of success there (with the cannula pointed away from my spine). I also really like the upper butt (where the opening to your pants pocket is). Those areas are not as lean and I don’t get the sensation when bolusing. I did have one in my arm that hurt to the point of tears every time I bolused. If you get that - change it! Sensation and “adjusting” to wearing the pod is one thing. But you should not really feel it. I promise there are places where you will forget it’s there, even when bolusing!