Going low when exercising

My body is still making some insulin. I’m taking injections currently. Yeah, I need to get some better fuel to take on the runs. Smarty’s just aren’t cutting it.

These are 2 good things to start with:
(I have tried a bunch of these, and the SPIBelt brand costs a little more but it is worth it. It works much better than the cheap knock-offs.)

The good thing about the Huma gels is that they have a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose, which works better than straight glucose for long endurance events.

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I mean, if you want to prevent the exercise-induced blood sugar spike from cortisol/ephinephrine, you could also exercise while drunk, since your liver won’t dump glucose with alcohol in your system. But I can’t say I recommend that for other reasons. :wink:


Haha even then I have another problem to solve - how much to bolus for the alcohol :joy:

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@tedos You could take a small bolus shortly before you finish your exercise so that it starts to kick in about the same time as when you finish. You have to time it right and take only the amount you will need to prevent the post exercise spike. For me it varies so it isn’t easy to get it right but it should help.


Thanks, yes I’ve now been doing this and it seems to balance it out most of the time. I even set an extra 20% on basal for the last 30 mins for the stubborn rising sugar levels.


I’m rocking it today. :hugs: So proud of myself! :grin: My sugar level has been so far steady.

But I have a question regarding my after breakfast spike. This was what happened

  • I bolused 60% of the recommended amount
  • waited 20mins
  • had breakfast
  • waited 20 -25 mins
  • exercise

I jumped on the treadmill ay 9:55am as my sugar started to rise hovering between 6.6 and 7.8mmol. And you will notice it continued to rise and peak at 9.3mmol (167mg) at 10:10am. I see this peak everyday. Am I suppose to be aiming for a flat line. If so, what am i doing wrong?

Am I waiting too long before exercising or am I bolusing too little? Or is the peak supposed to happen. I’m already finding that the wait between breakfast finishing and exercising to be too short, I haven’t even allowed time for the food to digest before exercising.

You will also noticed my after lunch sugar didn’t spike at all. I don’t think this has ever happened! (or it has and I never knew because I didn’t have CGMS). I must have timed everything perfectly. omg.


Very nice work! :+1:

Sure, a flat line would be great, but a little bit of a spike is not a problem. It seems like the exercise is bringing it back down, and it is not really getting too high.

But if you want to be more aggressive with it, you might try a little more insulin than 60%.

And if the exercise is not too hard after eating, you might try starting the exercise a bit sooner, because it is already on its way up when you start your exercise.

Yes, for a hard effort, 20-25 minutes is too soon. If the exercise is easier, it might be manageable. The ideal time for the hardest effort is 2 hours.

But as you said, if it is hard to do it so soon after eating, the alternative to starting sooner would be to take more insulin. If you do that though, you will probably drop a bit more drastically, so you will need some carbs a little bit into the exercise.

I generally take my first carbs at the around 2 mile mark, because that is when I normally start to see a drop. I don’t consider a drop a bad thing, I consider it a fueling opportunity. Your body loves quick carbs when it is exercising. Carbs are the most efficient fuel it has.

I think yours looks really good!

But you have many days to experiment and try doing more insulin, or running sooner or any combination.

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Thank you for that. I just wasn’t sure whether it was supposed to spike. The spike isn’t too high so I think I’m happy to leave it rather than more insulin but having to stop and eat.

I may try one day and see what happens when I don’t exercise and bolus the full 100%. I suspect my sugar still will spike a little before coming down.

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Ha Ha about the dog. Not a bad idea. Unless of course the dog does sprints.