Going low while eating

I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I was diagnosed as T1 June of last year so I'm not yet sure what is normal and what kinds of things to expect.

I checked my sugar level before lunch it was 116. I took 8 units of Novalog, which is the same as I always take before meals. Injected into my stomach-I always use my stomach or my thighs. For lunch I had bbq chicken, rice, mixed veggies, yogurt, and Doritos(I know, i know, can't give em up) The last thing I ate was the yogurt, and as I'm taking the last bite, i started shaking, getting weak, sweating...the telltale signs. I checked my sugar level and it was 56(lowest it has ever been). I've had times where I didn't eat enough and an hour or so later i've gone low. It took a while working with my Endo over what levels of Lantus to take before I stopped going low at night, but I've never gone low while I was still eating a meal. I took a glucose tablet and the hypo symptoms went away, I'll chek my levels again in abut an hour and hopefully won't be too high. Is this kind of thing somewhat normal?

I get that at times tlcayt and it looks like you done well to deal with your hypo.
Even at times I check my level and then see that its ok but not where I would like it to be so I head to the kitchen to get food and before I know it I am low to the point of feeling dizzy and cant walk so I sit there and eat whatever I can find in my bag.
My bag as saved me loads of times.

It could be a couple of things. As a newly diagnosed T1, you may still have some insulin production that kicks in every now & then.

You say that 8 units is what you take before every meal. Are you counting carbs & matching carbs to doses? The only way to prevent highs & lows is to match insulin to what you’re eating. Not that this always works:) With your doctor’s help, you should arrive at your insulin:carb ratios. Taking set doses doesn’t work, unless you’re eating the same exact meal constantly. Even then, people have different ratios for different meals because often people are most carb sensitive/insulin resistant in the morning & evening.

If you hit a blood vessel (& unlikely in your stomach), insulin works faster & this could account for your low.

If you consistently go low after eating (it’s not the dose), the timing of your insulin needs to change because the insulin is working too fast ahead of your digestion.

I do count carbs, but right now its on a per day basis, not a per meal basis, and I’m still far from an epert at it. I’m gonna be starting on a pump next week(Omnipod. YAY!) So I’ll be learning how to match insulin on a per meal basis.
When i first started on insulin I went low quite often, but not so much anymore. Usually when i do its because I don’t eat enough-meaning that I don’t finish the meal for some reason-getting interrupted or losing my appetite or something like that. When I eat a whole meal i’m usually in the 45-60(unless I’m craving doritos, then its higher) carb range and I rarely go low anymore. This was just really strange for me, going low during a meal.

Glad you’re getting a pump & that you’ll be learning to dose for meals. That will be a great help. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t taught this using MDI. My theory is that doctors don’t or can’t take the time to teach patients. Taking a set dose per meal based on amount of carbs per day doesn’t work. Insulin doses, depending on the type, only last 3-4 hours.