Going on an adventure today

1st outing since March. Of course, this was the first news story on the radio this morning: Canadian actor dies of covid, so now I’m scared.

For all of you stuck in the house, I will post pics so that you can have a digital field trip and live vicariously. I have sewer problems here and can’t stand it anymore. Every day I wait for sewer man. Last night I took a bath in a kiddie pool in the back yard. It smells like poo here. Gotta get out. Its 100 degrees here, so no one is going out. Today is my day…


I’m assuming by your graphic Ms @mohe0001 this is a 007 mission and not an Agent 86 mission. Best of luck on your foray!


The sad part of his passing is that he was in L.A. Born in Hamilton,Ont. just remember to wear a mask. Clean your hands. We are going out also. Need to go to car dealership. We now have 3 active cases total in our large rural county. Enjoy your trip. It is frightening. We try to stick to the rules. Nancy50

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Just my two cents but Peter Gunn was way cooler than James Bond would ever be! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oysMt8iL9UE


Two weeks ago I was also ecstatic to leave the house. We drove from Colorado to Phoenix, As to get solar panels for a project.

We thought we did everything by the book to be safe. We car camped to avoid exposure. (I tricked out our Chevy Volt to be a “voltebago” with essentially a full-sized bed in the back, plus it’s electric so Instant Pot cooking, etc…) Avoided people at all costs, except at gas stations, where we wore face masks, kept our distance, and used paper towels to open doors. I did go to the Sam’s Club pharmacy for Dex supplies, but Sam’s had crickets chirping. It was a ghost town. We did have a flat tire in 115-degree heat that required assistance because the bolt the lug nuts attach to broke and was just spinning. Our brains were baked in that heat and we may have been stupid around the tow truck driver.

Anyway, started getting real sick a few days after getting home again. Fever, insane fatigue, “brain fog”, etc… Feels more like a mild flu than the hacking cough you hear about. Qualified for covid-19 testing, but still haven’t gotten results back. It’s been a long week of waiting. At least we know we’re mild if it is positive.

Point being, please be more excessively careful than you think you need to be. Even if it’s not covid-19, we picked up SOMETHING, despite our best efforts.


The 1st place that I went, I got kicked out for not wearing a mask. Haven’t been there since before covid. Didn’t know the rules. Every place has a slightly different procedure. Its tricky if you don’t go out much.

The 2nd place was ok, but there was some congregating of people that made it difficult to maintain social distance. I waited until people dispersed. They gave me a mask.

I didn’t think that people would recognize me with my mask, but they did. So, there was quite a bit of conversation that I was absolutely unable to escape. People really wanna catch up and talk. A lot has happened. People have a lot to say.

Finally, I went to the discount grocery store. I was extremely uncomfortable there. Way too many people. Way too close of quarters. I vowed that I would not come back. However, when I saw my savings, compared to the price gouging at a typical grocery store, I was shocked. God I miss discount foods. I might return, despite the danger. I got around $100 worth of food for $35. Worth it.

Overall, going out was not easy or clean. I wasn’t able to maintain good social distancing. People are far too comfortable in public when they wear masks. My experiment with going out didn’t produce great results. Dangerous.

I obtained valuable gossip, though.