Going on my Honeymoon @ Sandals ... Any tips?

I got married Memorial Day weekend 2008 and diagnosed in late July. Since then I am on a thyroid pill and Novolog (pre-meal) and Levemir (before bed). Both are pens.I have read several articles on travel as far as supplies and I am wondering if anyone has been to Sandals resorts in St. Lucia. Anything I should know about in advance???

Thanks for any suggestions you may have :slight_smile:

Call ahead and check about maybe getting a fridge for your room at no cost for insulin. A lot of hotels also will have sharps containers, Just ask at the check in desk, you might have to take the syringes up to them to put it in the container, but most are more than happy to help out. I travel to Jackson, TN a lot and always stay at Microtel as they are great with my diabetes. They even leave a note on the desk that if I request juice they are to turn on the juice machine in the breakfast bar so that I can bring my sugar up. I always back double supplies enough for at least an extra week beyond what I am staying just in case of emergency.
Have fun on your honeymoon.

Thanks !!! I have already asked for a fridge and according to the brochure there is 24 hrs food. So I am a bit less worried about thatโ€ฆ