Going to a Concert What Should I Take?

going to a concert and concern what i should take any help plz

emergency carbs, your meds, you testing kit, cell phone, and medical id (and a lighter for kick ass drums olos)

emergency carbs as in a baggie with glucose tabs or glucose gel. typically venues wont stop you if you have any kind of candy in a bag or in your pocket. it may also depend on the size of the venue and security. but anything medical related is usually not questioned.

typically i always go with people to concerts so they know what to do and they’ll help carry my testing kit if it’s not the type of concert i could/should carry a purse. i don’t usually bring emergency carbs in with me, as whenever we go we usually buy sodas or something at some point. it was a bigger pain when i was on shots, but no one ever gave me a hard time. security doesn’t typically search through your stuff or person, nor do they usually have time to.

Obviously not all security is the same, and concerts are no different, but that being said, I had an experience at a concert when a security person told me to “throw out all that food” - It was definitely more than “emergency” carbs - I think it was a sandwich and a granola bar. And I simply said, “I have diabetes, I can’t.” (I might EVEN have thrown in “it’s against the law…” just to, you know, see what happened.) Anyway, no problems, I was ushered in sandwich and granola bar in tow.

(If you’re worried, you can always have one of those letters from your doctor in your purse that says you have to carry specific things with you at all times. No one can ever deny you anything if you have that. It’s good to just have one of those letters around.)

I have brought in “emergency carbs” in the form of apple juice boxes and peanut butter crackers - a ? from the security guard, but when I told him what it was for, no issues at all. If you are pumping, I would bring an extra syringe too just in case something happens to the pump and you need to get out emergency insulin, and have a spare infusion set on your person or in your vehicle or somewhere accessible depending on how far away from home you are in case of a bad site, dislodgement, etc.