Going to Japan on Monday(7/20), need some help

I’m flying to Japan on monday and have been getting conflicting information about bringing diabetic supplies with me. I’ll be there for 12 days.

Some things I have read just say I need a letter and prescription from a doctor.

Other things say I need a Yakkan Shoumei(import certificate) which you have to apply for and can take 2-3 weeks to get.

Has anyone been and know? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t traveled to Japan, but I’ve been to Laos before. I had to get a note from my Doctor stateing my condition and i’m insulin dependent. My mom usually handles the paperwork stuff but I believe for our airline (Eva Air) there was paper to be filled out saying I had diabetes and I would need to carry my supplies with me this helps me get through secuirty with 100 syringes in my purse lol. Maybe you should ask your airline or travel agent if there are any specific criterias. I hope I was somewhat of a help. :wink:

Have you tried contacting the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC??

I went to Japan two years ago for three weeks. I brought a letter from my doctor but never needed it. I didn’t have any other documentation with me. Japan is an awesome place to visit. Have a great trip!

Thanks for everyone’s help. The information out there is a bit confusing. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine and will have a note and prescription with me

I flew around China with a pump. (I realize China’s different, but they’re close :). Anyway, I never had any problems. (Well, the airline lost my suitcase with all my pump supplies, but nobody ever bothered me about it.) They just waved me through customs. One lady looked at it, and I tried to explain what it was, but that didn’t work out so well. But, nobody cared about all the bottles of insulin or the needles.

Hi Glen,

I went to Japan a year ago, for about three weeks. I think I took a doctor’s note (although I am starting to slack about this the more I travel). I brought prescriptions just in case. Anyway, they didn’t ask to see anything. I definitely didn’t need an import certificate.

But I recommend learning this phrase, “Watashi wa tonyobyo desu.” (I’m diabetic.)

It was quite a memorable trip–I miss it. Have a great time.

I’m sure you won’t need anything. It would be out of the question for them to take away a diabetic’s supplies.

But if you really want to know the real deal, call the Japanese embassy, or the American embassy in Japan.

Good luck

Thanks everyone!

I’ll be sure to take some pictures and will post some on here when I get back.

For the people that have been, any recommendations on what to see? The Japanese engineers get worked to death so I’m sure when I’m there, I’ll be working 12-14 a day, but I told them a condition of me going was to not have to work the weekend I’m there. When my boss went, he worked every single day and didn’t sightsee at all.

I’ve heard the underground water works are interesting. Anything a must see? I’ll be in Tokyo and won’t have a car, but plan on using the public transit system.

I just traveled through the Narita airport in Tokyo twice in the last two weeks, to and from my trip to Beijing. Neither time when I went through security was I ever asked about my insulin pump or supplies. I carried all my supplies with me and even had a letter from my doctor, but never needed it. In fact, even in China, and I flew domestic too, did I ever get questioned about what I was carrying. Hope this helps.

I stayed in Tokyo 3 months. Had a blast. Make sure you go see Sumo wrestling. Buy the cheap seats and make like an American and sneak up front until you get kicked to the back. It’s totally amazing. The Edo castle is awesome as well. Oh, and try to find a temple having a festival, that’s a fun event as well.

I was in Taiwan and Australia recently. The time change with the diabetes is what kicks my butt every time. I just go on a continuous 1u/hour continuous basal until I’ve been there as many days as time zones as I’ve crossed, then I go back to my normal. Generally, that means about 10 days when you fly over there.

I never even thought to bring along doctor’s notes for my pump and supplies. They all seemed so medically savvy that I didn’t even think they wouldn’t know what they are. I’ve never had trouble getting into countries, although recently I heard someone had trouble getting into Egypt with their pump.

Hello Glen,
I have been through Japan many times with my pump and my back-up needles and supplies (all carry-on of course, just in case your luggage gets “lost”). Never a problem. I used to carry a note from my doctor for airport security but I have never been asked for it so I dont carry it anymore. I do order a spare “vacation pump” from Animas when I travel overseas in case of any malfunctions or loss. They don’t charge me for it and its great peace of mind when your far away from home. Cambodia, Thailand, Korea all no problem either. Entering the USA is hardest as they all want to check the pump and swab it and test it etc. this is the only “small” hassle I have ever had. Bring extra infusion sets too as you never know when one or more may get a “kink” or accidentally get ripped out. Japan is AWESOME. You’ll love it I am sure. Beautiful parks and food food food…it’s all about the food! Tako yaki everywhere ! Don’t burn your tonge ! Have fun.