Going to my pre pregnancy apt with my endo...what should I expect?

I am not pregnant, but my husband and I want to start trying in October. I have a apt with my endo on May 19th and I just want to know what to expect from the apt. And is there anything I should start doing now? Thanks for any advice!

They will go over your bloodwork with a fine toothed comb. Not only are they checking diabetes-related things, but also things like red blood cell count,etc. Most prepwork for pregnancy is taking care of any medical issues that could complicate things ahead of time, like getting an eye exam to check for retinopathy, going to the dentist, going to the OB/GYN, etc. Not sure why you have to go to the dentist before you get pregnant, but that’s what I’ve read and what my doc always said. Your Dr will probably also go over any meds you are on to make sure they are compatible with pregnancy. #1 thing your endo will care about is if your A1C is low enough… around 6.5% or lower is usually what most say. If you are type I or need insulin, the pump is the standard of care during pregnancy. If you are Type 2, they might start you on insulin at some point as pregnancy (I’ve heard) tends to throw things out of whack.

Me and my husband want to start trying in september/october too! best of luck to you!!

start taking prenatals now to prepare your body for your pregnancy.

Thanks so much! I am type 1 and already on the pump, so that is one less thing to get accustomed to! I really appreciate the advise!

How did it go?

I had to reschedule my apt from the 19th to today. I just got home and it was a little overwhelming. My A1c is currently 8.0 so I defiantly have to work extra hard to bring it down to below 7. They pretty much just gave me a few tools to lower my numbers and let me know what to expect over the next few months! I am going to be seeing the doctor once a month from now until I conceive and then once a month thru my pregnancy! I am very excited!

I am in the same boat… my last A1c was 7.8, back in March… I had pre-conception appt a few weeks ago, really just went over what to expect. The dr. was very optimistic and said if I have a good A1c in June, and at least 4 weeks straight of really good numbers, she sees no reason why we can’t start trying in July. I am not so sure my A1c will be low enough by then , but I have been keeping good track the last 3 weeks and I am currently trending around the 6.3 mark.
I made a lot of changes to my diet over the last year and by counting carbs a little better, it’s made all the difference.
I wish you the best of luck!

I technically got a go ahead from my endo, but I should probably see the maternal fetal medicine doc for a preconception visit. But i had SUCH a bad experience with the nurse on the phone I really do not want to call the office again. Ugh. I will need to call on tuesday.

That’s great Jen! Good luck and keep me updated!
And mhynes I hope you have a better experience this time…Good Luck!!