Going to see U2 in July! need advice?

Hi I’m leaving town to go see u2 in moncton which is in July, however there are a few things i’m quite concerened about. Myself and my boyfriend have general admission tickets, which means that we will be standing up in the crowd. The concert starts at 7 but we are going to get in line at 10 am to get our spots. What do you suggest I take in terms of food, and what should i carry to avoid any emergencies? I will be immersed in a huge crowd so it will be hard to move. Has anyone else been in this situation?

Hey! I saw U2 a couple years back on the Vertigo tour! It was a blast. You’re going to have an amazing time!! We weren’t in general admission and were able to move around but I think glucose tablets are a must to bring especially since you’ll be on the ground with the crowd. For the line you’ll be in during the day maybe bring like picnic food - sandwiches and stuff. Or even energy bars with plenty of calories in them would be a great option since they’re fairly compact. Definitely bring water too!

If you’re not a member already, I would reccomend checking out Interference.com which is a U2 fan forum and see what others have to say about what they usually bring for those long waits before the shows. They might also have some good info about what it’s like on the floor during the show and whether you’ll be able to have beverages and things.

Have fun!!!

No advice but I am completely jealous!!! :slight_smile:

I am jealous also! I agree that you should stock up on the glucose. It is hot in July & the heat can make you run lower than normal. It will be hot standing outside all day. I would take water also. I agree with Alison about the energy bars. You should check with the stadium about what rules they have as far as what you can take in with you - if you can’t take a backpack, you might be limited as to what you can carry in.

Lucky you! I have been to tons of concerts over the years. Plan ahead, take a comfortable bag and rock on. Be sure to pack glucose tabs, blood sugar machine, diabetic supplies, water, nuts or jerky and you should be fine. Be sure to test and adjust and you will have a great time. Par-tay! Jax

I’m seeing them in July in Philadelphia at the Eagles stadium, This will be my first time seeing them. Can’t wait. I go to alot of shows, esspeically all day events, Mayhem Festival, WMMR-B-QUE, and Brad Pasiley’s H20 tour are 3 examples of ones i went to just last year. Just pack a Backpack with glucose tabs, some snacks and your normal supplies. I’ve had no trouble getting my snacks in a venue. I have had to empty my bag as they look for other things but i have yet for anyone to take my emergancy cookies. Plus most venues have a medical area set aside if you need room to test that is usually a good place to go, best to go a little early to locate those areas and other places to sit for a few in case of low. Have fun and rock on.