Going without

Hi everyone!

Are there some foods that you have cut out of your diet permanently..? I have the biggest sweet tooth, and being a new dexcom user, I can see exactly how some foods effect my levels. I guess after a while one would start to think it would just "not be worth it", but I have yet to reach that level when making decisions of what to eat. I am trying to buy some foods in smaller packets to help with portion control; any other suggestions?

I definitely have cut non-diet soda out of my diet and most juices. (I love lemonade)

I love wine! With a high protein dinner, I didn't see an unusual spike or have a low. For lunch today I had a very small amount of beer and was high pretty much all afternoon (it may have also been the carbs from tacos).

Desserts! Unless I know I am going to be very active after eating something like a modest slice of home-made raspberry pie. Still probably need to do a correction…sigh…