Gold in the Medtronic Sof-Sensor?

Has anyone looked at the sensor carefully after removing it from their body? That looks like a gold conductor nested inside the plastic. I’ve kept all of my sensors after removal because the idea of tossing gold in the garbage seems a little wasteful to me. I realize the amount of gold in each sensor might be small, but as it appears I am going to be using these for quite some time, perhaps it will add up to a few hundred bucks every year or couple of years. I’m assuming the gold is what makes the sensor so expensive in the first place, as it has no electronics or moving parts.

On a completely unrelated note, why the hell is there a picture of a woman eating a huge slice of carrot cake on the side of the Sof-Sensor box? I don’t know about the rest of you, but the first thing I thought of when I started with the CGMS was not that I was now empowered to feast upon cake!

Is there any way to have it tested? To me, it looks like copper. And, considering that MM sells them for about $35 each, that the price has not gone up since gold went through the roof, and that more than half of what MM charges has to be pure profit (like the 94% of the cost of the test strips), I would be surprised if it is gold, but would love to know.

As for the carrot cake – its just like Diabetes Forecast having all the food pictures in it. It seems, sometimes, like the diabetes retailers have a “Department of Insensitive Ideas” that always finds a way to get involved. Now, if they could only transfer those people to the Ministry of Silly Walks, we would have something.

I thought copper could not be used because the sensor is in direct contact with blood and other fluids, which would quickly degrade it. Gold lacks this vulnerability.

Perhaps we are sitting on a gold mine, then. I truthfully have no idea. I just hope MM does not decide to raise the prices because the price of gold has gone up so much.

I looked up a few of the many patents Medtronic has on the device and it appears there are a number of components in the sensor, including either gold, platinum or silver. It does not look like platinum or silver, but since there are other components besides the metal I could be wrong.

Here is one link from the USPTO referencing the composition of the sensor. It is patent number 5,601,694 if you want to do more digging.

I can see it now… we’ll be getting mugged for our sensors

wouldn’t that be a big slap in the face. As if diabetes wasn’t enough, now we’re getting mugged for our supplies haha

I wonder how much precious metal is in the pump itself?

and how much in/on me ? tooth fillings,/crowns /wedding ring, medic alert necklace /other jewellery/sensor /pump . Scott you started this :wink: and as my hubby says often : this girl is high maintenance …now he can add EXPENSIVE…and worth muggen .

My diabetes educator who set me up with my MM CGM told me that it is a layer of gold, silver, and platinum. I forget the order, but holy moly!!!

Haha and the carrot cake always pisses me off…I’ve barely had any sweets in the past month since I got my CGM because it is so hard to keep steady numbers for calibrations…annoying.