Goldman Sachs warns biotech clients that curing patients may not be ‘sustainable’

As consumers question whether privatized healthcare is in their best interest, Goldman Sachs says that curing hepatitis C caused a drop in one firm’s drug sales.

Remember on the other thread when I said they hassle us over the needles profile us as addicts cause they want actual addicts using dirty needles spreading hepatitis ?

“GILD is a case in point, where the success of its hepatitis C franchise has gradually exhausted the available pool of treatable patients,” the analyst wrote. “In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients, thus the incident pool also declines … Where an incident pool remains stable (eg, in cancer) the potential for a cure poses less risk to the sustainability of a franchise.”

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Very few new drugs that come out are for curing instead of treating. If there was a cure for diabetes a lot of device manufacturers and drug companies would disappear.