I have just started playing golf and was just curious to see if there is anyone here that golfs as well, esp. women.

I TRY to golf LOL It’s a lot harder than it looks! My mom is a great golfer…she did not pass that on to me. I am, however, great at mini-golf!

hey that counts too! lol

I enjoy golfing. It is a great way to exercise. It would help if I could improve my game. I have only finished a complete game a few times but nine holes is a great way to get out.


My condolences! You have now picked the sport that has the greatest disparity between positive physical health and negative mental health known to man, errr humans. You’ll understand after the first club you replace because the old one is bent around a pine somewhere.

Seriously, if you’re an outdoors person there’s not much more fun to be had than a round of golf. Enjoy your new hobby and remember to stay on top of your hydration and BG levels. 18 holes on a hot, humid day can be quite taxing.

I just found this out on Sunday…the first nine holes I was fine and by the eleventh hole, my bs was 60! Needless to say my score was not very good because of the low bs. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! :wink:

ha mini golf is not golf…its barely putting…good try though :slight_smile:

I play golf - it was a pre-requirement to getting married. Well, not really, but my spouse and his family are golfing fanatics!

I play!

I keep so much food in my golf bag, I think it almost outnumbers the balls and tees and such that I have! :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, when I play golf, I play for fun. Not the score, because if I did that, I would never play golf again! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, if my BG is out of range, I check between every hole. If it’s normal, then I only check it every few holes. I drink Gaterade or water, depended on my BG. I also carry snacks (granola bars, trail mix, raisins, glu. tabs, etc.)

I usually walk the holes, because my dad is usually too cheap to get a cart! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you enjoying playing so far?

I am, despite my scores. :frowning: I am the same way with food in my bag. I keep juice boxes, granola bars, protein bars, glucose tabs, crackers, etc. I constantly checked my sugar. I find even in riding in the cart, my sugar can drop quickly. I lower my basal rate and keep a watch on the sugars.