Good bye summer

Not really since Fall doesn’t start for another 30 days or so but Labor Day is considered to be the last holiday of Summer. Here in Kansas City once summer is over and fall sets in it’s all down hill from there becuase it seems like fall is only 2 days long and BAM! (as Emerald says) winter is here. And our winter is usually a nasty little ugly creature that rears his head sometimes as soon as Thanksgiving. UGH! The cold wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t the ice and snow. And for some reason our city has the worst street crews alive. Anyway, enough complaining about something that will be here soon enough and here’s to living it up before the summer ends. Happy Labor Day!



KANSAS CITY…MO or KS? I am Kansas City, MO!!! Ummm! Gates…haha. I am in CALI and I love not having snow in the winter…:slight_smile: