Good choice? bad choice?

This morning i went on a long jogg, and forgot to bring my basal which is nph humulin n. I have been switched to nph because of anticipating pregnancy. I know that nph acts quicker, and i did npt get home until 2 hours after i would normally take my morning dose,so i skipped it. Do you think this was the right decision? Excuse the grammer i am on my nook.

I'd have taken it after I think?

I'm not sure I agree w/ N for anticipating pregnancy though. It is pretty crazy stuff. I went from R/N to pumping and it was like turning a (good) switch on. The pump SalesNurse or my endo mentioned at the training that NPH has only a 53% chance of "peaking" when it's supposed to, very broadly lunchtime. This, in turn, leaves you high and low and everywhere in between then, when you fix the first problem, the N hits, causing another "round" of problems?

It has taken some getting used to that is for sure. I was switched to nph my last pregnancy, which was not viable. They want my numbers tight,tight,tight. I wakeup okish,then shoot up until an hour or more after i eat breakfast. The rest of the day,as long as i exercise is good. I have had a few overnight lows, but if i eat 8 to 10 carbs before bed i am ok. The pump has been suggested…i just do not know if i am ready. I am a teacher and missing or timing my bolus correctly is very difficult. I know the pump would help with this…"