Good Comparision between Dexcom G4 and Medtronic Enlite CGMs

Because the Enlite sensor system is not yet available in the USA, many people making pump and CGM decisions are having to do so missing some crucial information. This is a good blog post by a young Type 1 from the UK comparing her experience with the two systems. It’s definitely worth a read if you are trying to decide between an Animas and Medtronic pump.

Here is a similar comparison that was posted here on TuD a while back.
Details are in the attachment in the post.


I have used the MM CGMS (not the elite), but switched to Dexcom. From what I've read/heard about Elite, I'll probably stick with my Dexcom due to accuracy and convenience.

I think the other key decision point is whether the low-glucose suspend feature is important. If that were a priority for me, I might upgrade to Veo with Elite when the new MM comes out in US, but at this point think not.

Thanks for the link. That was a very interesting comparison.