Good doctor versus bad doctor

back ago, i was very intelligent and athletic person, then suddenly , i started losing weight and other symptoms appea. i was 15 year old then,( now i am 35) i with my father went to reputed hospital , i was diagnosed diabetic , and he( dr k.p. singh in chandigarh) put me on insulin nph (N). i was not given any education,iIwas told that i have to take insulin far rest of my life ,i remained in hospital for 20 days , no one guided me , finally i ran away from hospital and reached home ,then worst period of my life started , for near 15 years i remain on same insulin “n”. I never became sick so i never visited hospital , so no new doctor or information… in between i became very weak, so i went to nearby hospital, there doctor was very rude, he didn’t understood my problem…the life was going on …low , high ,depression,no healing of wounds, viral fevers frequently, waking up in nights for 3-4 times u can understand …finally when I developed ratinopathy,5 years back I came in contact with very nice and surprise doctor , dr . sanjay badada he just guided me. and now i got my athletic shape and weight …feeling very relef and enjoying every moment of life , i missed…my heartiest thanks to sanjay