Good habits = Bad habits for Diabetes

I have many good habits that is bad for a person with diabetes!!!

1- I finish my plate no matter how much in it, so if am at a restaurant and ordered a meal with lots of sides (french fries, corn, coleslaw …) I will eat it all!

2- I hate throwing food in the garbage, I remember an appointment with a dietitian that told me to eat half a banana and throw away the other half! which I said NO. Even if I was in a party and had a big cake in my plate I will not eat just a spoon or two and throw the rest!

3- Eating lots of fruits, I love fruits and eat them a lot, but I don’t bolus (give insulin) when eating it!

My wife and I have been splitting meals at restaurants - I feel OLD! It works because I can finish my half without over eating. Why do restaurants serve such big portions?

a hint for the other half banana - wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. frozen bananas are really delicious!

You can’t be throwing away any food. Do you know how much work it took for that banana to get from the tree into your hand…i say eat it. but you can’t forget to bolus. banana with peanut butter is my favorite snack

plus its a huge waste of money

Wayne, I do NOT throw anything away. I treasure every piece of my food, it is a gift.

For the banana thing, I just eat it all, and when I buy them I will be looking for the smallest size.

Marie, thx for the hint, I will try it. Probably I will have a ton of frozen bananas in no time! LOL

Todd, thanks for the input. I wonder if I did that will people look at me as a cheap person! Ordering a one person meal for two! LOL
Or may be I will eat the main dish and give the fries or so to my partner! hehehehe

For me, it goes back to childhood - complete with the lecture about how children in other countries are starving and would love to have our food!

So, now, when my six year old says she’s full - I remind myself that there are children in THIS country who are becoming Type II diabetics (like I was/am!). Rather than adding insult to injury (as was done to me) and saying, “Well, if you don’t finish the food on your plate, you won’t get your bedtime treat!” I make sure her bedtime treats are relatively healthy, and we don’t have one every night… then just let her have it if she’s hungry again nearer bedtime.

I remind myself that wherever the food goes - into our stomachs, into the fridge (to turn green and eventually be disposed of) :wink: or into the trash, it’s GONE …

It’s still a battle though. :slight_smile: