Good Intentions

If you want to keep good blood sugar control when you have diabetes, it’s a good idea to keep a record of the various factors that can have an influence on levels...only problem is, there are an alarming number of things to consider!

Today I thought that I should start
A diabetic diary
Recording things that are of use
On subsequent inquiry.

To start with I would need to list
My levels through the day –
Before and after meals and sleep
And work, and rest, and play…

And if the day was different
Due to unexpected stress,
Like if someone should visit when
The house was in a mess!

I’d have to keep a record of
The type of food I ate,
And how much carbohydrate
Per one hundred grams of weight.

And do I count the milk in all those
Many mugs of tea?
And should I count the polyols
If the chocolate’s sugar-free?

And what about activity -
Did I go for a run?
Or sprawl out on the couch all day,
Deciding that’s more fun?

And was the weather hot or cold,
And did I stay indoors?
And if I did, did I complete
A hundred household chores?

So many things to think about
Of each and every kind!
I think I’ll find another way
To occupy my mind…!

GREAT idea. I have always been a journaler and it has given me great insite into what I am doing with any part of my life. BUT when I was diagnosed, this was the most important journal I have. Good for you!

Allan, This poem sounds just how I have been feeling lately.I am been puting off starting a journal and I think i will start the new year off by doing it.I am a bit of a dreamer and the other day I was wondering if some computer expert could write software that when all the data was entered it would tell you exactly what affected BS levels etc.The line about the milk in your tea gave me a chuckle as I drink approx 5-6 mugs a day.Take care bob

Go for it Bobby, that’s a good New Year resolution! I’m fairly used to keeping a journal as I was a distance runner for many years before diabetes and used to keep a log of distance, time, weather, conditions, route etc. Very useful for looking back on for trends and comparison. Best wishes