Good News for Dexcom Haters

The alternative is almost here.

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prognosticators. If they were always right they would be billionaires.

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I’d take any report written by a Hedge Fund manager with a huge grain of salt.

I’d be shocked if author Ben Axler (Spruce Point Capital Management) doesn’t have a large position in Abbot


When he says this:

T1 diabetics - a surprisingly price-sensitive population

I’d guess he doesn’t have diabetes, either.


In my microeconomics class they introduced a term called, “price elasticity” with regard to demand. It means that consumers are very price sensitive and have to ability to change manufacturers or stop using a product if prices are too high. It is a key tenet to the concept of a competitive market.

Without fail, the product that was continually held as the best example of an “inelastic” product (which means consumers are compelled to purchase regardless of how high a price is charged) was Insulin.


Really. Like we are all happy to go into DKA rather than pay those $300 charges for a vial of insulin, amiright?

The article is a mix of truths and falsehoods. It makes it a difficult read.

Very heavy spin. There certainly is truth in there but one has to carefully wade through and one should not make any assumption about anything stated within.


You know, Abbot had a bunch of lawsuits filed against medical device security researchers until they were purchased by St Jude. If I remember correctly, they were filed against the pacemaker guys. Makes me distrust them.

I used to teach a university graduate course in investing. I always started out the first session by telling the students that if I knew how to get rich by investing, I sure wouldn’t tell them. I’d be out doing it for myself.