Good Side...Bad Side...Life?

Today was frusterating. At school, I get along with almost everyone. Theres one girl I dont get along with. Since I can get along with most people, most of my friends are fighting. Like Mindy and Kelly are now fighting, along with Elizabeth and Leah. Leah and Mindy get along. Elizabeth and Kelly kind of get along. Elizabeth and Mindy dont get along. Elizabeth is also fighting with Alyssa. It get SO frusterating being cought in the middle of all this! This has been going on for a while. Then today in 5th period Elizabeth told me something about the girl I dont get along with that just pushed me over the edge Ive been standing on for so long. All 3 of us are on the volleyball team, me Elizabeth and the other girl. The other girls name is Elizabeth H. Elizabeth and I are on JV and Elizabeth H is on Varsity. The 2 Elizabeths sat together on the back of the bus while I was more toward the front with my friend Michaela. Apparently Elizabeth H thinks Im annoying and told Elizabeth about an arguement we had earlier this year. We were friends before the arguement. I was sitting with her at lunch one day and she started talking bad about Michaela. Heres pretty much our conversation:
she looked like she was gonna say something about Michaela.
Me: dont say anything.
Her: I wont
Me: you did yesterday.
Her: yeah so?
Me: Whyd you do that?
Her: Because I can
Me: Then that makes you no better than all the people that have picked on me and hurt me.
Her (after being shocked that Id say something like that) : yeah but Ive said things to Michaelas face
Me: So? people have said things to my face too and it doesnt feel very good.
Her: well people get picked on. its part of life. you should get over it.
Then I got frusterated to the point of physically shaking and walked away. Since then, she’s hated me and avoided me. Once she said she’d never hate me…Ive talked to her a couple of times since the arguement. Once I asked her if she was mad at me. She said no, but actions speak louder than words. And her actions hurt SO bad! She used to call me her lil sis and now she ignores me even if I call her name. She might as well have just punched me in the face. At least that wouldnt have hurt me as much. Then when I heard about what she said on the bus I almost cried. I felt like I needed to run away from everyone and everything and just focus on breathing.

Has anyone else been disowned, or am I just an annoying child? And was I really wrong for standing up for Michaela?


Just ignore her…obviosusly she has a problem. Don’t let her make it your problem too. Go about your day like she just doesn’t matter b/c she doesn’t…you do! Take care of yourself first!