Goodbye G4

Like 2 weeks ago I was ordering my supplies and was told that the G5 now worked with my T-slim G4. I was semi excited cause I was doubting it but it would sure be great. Byram sends me a G5 receiver and transmitter. Of course as I tried to pair them it didnt work. So I call them back and say well im gonna keep the G4 they sent me in that same box and return the G5. They were like we dont understand why would you return the G5 and I point out it goes against the whole point of getting the T-Slim G4. I liked only carrying my pump and having my readings there. There was quite a bit of confusion and when the dust settled what I was not hearing or understanding is that they were saying Dexcom is discontinuing the G4 soon. I was totally stunned. So I call Dexcom and the guy was almost rude even in telling me yes it is true then silence. He then says its obsolete so of course we are getting rid of old product. I remind him that it is not obsolete to people who have the T-Slim too and once again silence. To them its just nothing to me its losing my integration. It seems to be a few weeks away but im guessing its about to happen. Has anyone else heard that they were discontinuing the G4?

i havent heard about this…this is new to me. its a shame that they are discontinuing something that works for a lot of people. that means they have to upgrade to the G5 or the G6 and who knows if insurances are covering it. the G6 isnt being covered by medicare so they would have to go to the G5 (not sure if they are covering the mobile part which would be useless of the device). so i guess ill have to switch to the G5 when i was hoping to keep my G4 once i am on the new pump

The last time I heard this discussed anywhere was on one of the diabetes podcasts covering the G6 release, maybe Diabetes Connections or Juicebox podcast, and the Dexcom CEO noted that Dexcom would need to support the Dexcom G4 pump integrations until their pump warranty ran out. I’ve not heard about an imminent demise of the G4. I intend to use the G4 for at least the next year or so as part of my automated insulin dosing system, Loop.


I think you need a software update coming out soon maybe for that or it only works with the new tslim which I can’t get until December. My cde told me it does pair with g5.

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When my daughter ordered her G4 system in April she was told this would be the last one. She will have to upgrade when her warranty is up. She uses a t:slim but it’s not the. Integrated unit.

Just FYI, this is now displaying on Edgepark site: /p/edsttgl007

That appears to be a choice by Edgepark to discontinue, not dexcom.