Google Docs and Glucose Monitoring

I was reading and came across this blog post.

There are others here who have worked on sites for monitoring and people who are looking for ways to monitor that the sites don’t fit into your needs.

What do people think of this? Using Google Docs to do the monitoring?


Personally I use google docs for almost everything, it’s great! I think it basically comes down to what you said, if the solutions out there really aren’t fitting for you and don’t fit your needs you’ll need to setup something custom. The good ol’ spreadsheet I suppose is the most flexible way to do this.

We have a SugarStats user who recently suggested an csv/excel export layout that worked better for their doctor and it actually looked pretty good. If I can find the link again I’ll post it, you might want a similar format for general everyday input.


I too have been getting into Google Docs. Right now I am only using the Word Processing because I don’t use the other office apps, even in my day to day work.

If you can find that post it would be great. Exporting our data to CSV/excel is a simple thing for me to set up.

I’ve found that finding a way that a doctor wants the data is the hardest part of this.