Got a grossly inaccurate reading from my trusty Contour Next One

I consider the entire line of Contour Next meters to be very accurate and more accurate across the range of bg’s than quite a few of the many other meters I’ve used.

However, just a few minutes ago, I accidently put in a strip backwards, put it back in correctly and tested. 54! I didn’t “feel” 54, and I’m wearing a G5 which showed 134. I thought maybe I’m actually low without feeling it and the G5 is wonky. So I retested. drum roll…134.

Just goes to show a meter (even a trusty one) can sometimes hiccup. Glad I didn’t start gobbling carbs! :slight_smile:

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I always double check a questionable number. Glad it worked out. Nancy


I got a 39 once off the rock solid contour. This was when I was new and didn’t know that might have been off. :disappointed: