Got laid off work - my sugars jumped from 7-9 to over 21.0!

Are my blood sugars rising so fast because of the stress of losing a job? I was being constantly harassed by my supervisor. So while it is a good thing that they let me know, I am still shocked after giving them my soul for 7 years they wouldn’t even disclose the reason for dismissal. I am pretty upset.

I can’t fall asleep either now – my mind keeps turning… Any advice?

Farhan, who is at the edge of his sanity.

Salam my friend,
Do not despair,do not either lose your sanity or all mankind should have turned insane long time ago.Turn to God and to your prayers,and I am happy you let us here share your agony.
Every one of us have his bad time,and black time.
Go on apply for another job,apply in saudi Arabia where you lived for years or in Dubai,whatever.
My prayers for you,and do not give up praying.

Sohair, you’re sweet. After I finish writing my final paper for my masters, I will look around some for jobs. I have asked my headhunter agency to keep an eye out for work in Saudi (and nearby). God willing!

As stressful as going through this type of thing can be, it is temporary. Just know it will be behind you soon.
Good luck to you.

Thanks Elaine for those kind words.

Thanks Debb. I know I shouldn’t be too stressed, but my body just isn’t handling this well at all. I can’t even sleep now without thinking bad things about the company and the supervisor. Just angry at this point, and want justice. But I know that I have to move on instead. This, too, shall pass.

Hello Farhan…Keep moving forward .Focus your time and energies on getting a new job and forget about the past. Forgive them the past, otherwise if you stay focused there, you can see that it destroys your present.
Justice might mean getting a job that you really enjoy and actually pays you better in joy, happiness and who knows, maybe even money.Focus on what you can do to improve your future and don’t worry about the folks who may not have appreciated your contributions in the past.
Forgive the past and improve your health mentally and physically…right here, right now, in the present time.
Wishing you more…Peace

Keep going…Cheers

Bob, thanks for such good practical and sound advice. Appreciate your kind comments!