Got my Pods today

I finally received my starter kit today, after two days of wrestling with DHL. Does anyone else have trouble with them??

I’m excited to get started! I’ve been thru 2 really crazy weeks, and I’m exhausted, so adding all this new information to my pea brain is scaring me…LOL

How many of you also use the extra Freestyle meter they send you? Also…if you can upload the information from that meter to your computer, why shouldn’t you also be able to upload it from your PDM, and bypass the Pathfinder? How do you get the pathfinder program? In this day and age, you’d think it would come with the PDM in the starter kit!

That’s all of my nervous rambling! Thanks for any help in advance!

LOL! I have never had any problems with DHL…lol
I don’t use the extra Freestyle meter, I carry it in my purse as a backup meter. You can only upload the meter with the Pathfinder software at this time…good luck with it! Amy T. posted a discussion about the new softerware Insulet is working on for the OmniPod. You have to call Insulet and request the Pathfinder…lol sorry your going to have to deal with DHL…

I hope all is well…