Got sensor wires?

i am a bit of an amateur silversmith.
about 2 years ago, I started saving my wired after a sensor had expired. I also saved the litle silicone squares inside the used sensor. I have melted several platinum-silver wires onto sheets of tarnish-free silver and have come up with some cool and very abstract pieces, which I then made into pendants. I attached the silicone pieces to each other to make bracelets (although those tend to fall apart - oh well...)
I would recommend you take a container that your test strips come in and start saving these wires. you can take them to a jeweler to separate the platinum from the silver - it's all better than tossing it away, given the cost of precious metals these days. I also would be interested in helping you make a unique piece of jewelry - made from the items that keep you alive and healthy. Let me know what you think! J*

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Neat! How many test strips does it take to salvage enough metal for one of those? By "sensor", do you mean the CGM wires? I had one that split once, while I was inserting it, of course it didn't go in w/ the little wire split off, and wondered what it was made out of. I have several jars of sensor needles saved up but would be intrigued to check one out. Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh that is really cool. I will have to start saving.

Yes - the wires. I have made pieces with 6 or more wires. I never dealt with the needles themselves, but the wires are worth saving. You never know how they wil heat up. the "D" on the necklace for my profile photo was supposed to be a "D" formed with the wires atop a square of silver. but the platinum took so much to heat it onto the silver that the silver totally freaked out and melted up under the D - that is what I find even cooler about the process - never know what you'll get! J*

Only 6 wires? I was thinking like hundreds of strips?

Joanne GH you are the Artiste!! How very cool and an "avante guarde" fashion statement..

God Bless,

This is so cool!! I've always been ashamed at the amount of waste I seem to create because of my D...between test strips and wires and tubing and packaging, etc...I always feel bad when I see that half my trash can is D waste. I am a pretty "green"
person and try to do whatever I can to reduce waste. Anything that "reuses" D trash is awesome in my book!!

BTW, these are really cool pendents and I would totally buy one.

i am pretty green myself (weekly CSA box oif local, organic veggies, compost in the backyard, recycling as much as I can, hybrid car...), and I agree that the wasteage is a real shame. And precious metals in the trash - such a no-no!! I know that this site is NOT for self-promotion, but save those wires in an old test-strip container. when you have 8 or more, let me know. I will be happy to craft a pendant for you - and you can just pay for the extra materials & shipping. Keep fighting the good fight! Living well with diabetes is worth it! J*

thanks - they make me smile, since I know each little wire helped me stay healthier!

bring it on - you might need some hunk of a medallion to sport your health!

from health to wealth!
if you keep using CGM you'll make it to enjoy that savings!!


yeah - it seems so silly to toss them out.
i know people who save them up then take them to a jeweler to smelt-out the silver from the platinum. it's not much but with platinum over $1,600/ounce today - it could produce a little chunk of change over the year - even if you do not get jewelry made from it. J*