Got Tips for Motivating One's Self to Diet and Exercise?

Please if anyone can give me tips for helping myself to get motivated to diet and especially to exercise, i will be greatly thankful…seems don’t have the energy to exercise in daily basis…

Mayla: You find the inspiration within yourself – what is important enough to you to make you want to do it. I struggled with it for years – starting to focus and workout and diet regularly, then losing the desire after a couple of weeks. Then, a major life disruption gave me the impetus to get into diet and exercise on a big time basis, for about a year, with great results. But then I was back to my old ways. Now, I have started again with the exercise.
My inspiration comes from knowing that I can make a difference in my health and body. It also comes from having an exercise routine that is something I can tolerate/enjoy. Let’s face it, some people love to exercise. Most of us don’t, but if there is something that is somewhat enjoyable, that can be the inspiration.
Here are my tips to exercise: Choose a time of day for exercise, and make that your time. Choose an activity that is something that is not too unenjoyable (I like to take spin classes or to ride a spin bike at home). Fill your iPod with great tunes to help pass the time while you exercise. Set a goal and, when you reach the goal, reward yourself (and it is good to decide on the reward when you start), and then set another, with its own reward. Make a weekly plan for exercise and work to stick to it, whether it is 5-6 days a week, every other day, or whatever you choose.
Good luck!!

Hi Mayla,
Jonathan is right. You find the reason within yourself. It is different for each of us. Personally, I am a “small” goal person. I usually start me off with 5 minutes for anything. I can do this for 5 minutes When that time is up I think okay, I made that just fine and I can do another 5 minutes. And so it goes. Some days 5 minutes is the best i can manage. But that is okay. If that is all you have then accept that. it is better than not trying at all. Tomorrow or the afternoon you can try again. For me, the main thing is not to set such a high goal that I can not reach it. I would rather do a small amount than nothing. I get through painful procedures and other things like that too. If we have to call a halt for a little bit to let me regroup so I can make it another 5 minutes then we do that. And i am as proud of me for the 5 minutes as I am for however long I can make it because I tried my best. Believe in yourself Mayal and be proud of what you do. When you do that, others will see and do the same.
My best to you. I know you can make it.

I have a 2 hour lunch break - at that time a great friend of mine offered to be my “work out” buddy and gym partner. Her and I go to the gym on my lunch break then I can come home and finish my work day.

See if you can get a friend to exercise with, they help tremendously when you are having “down” days.

I like your advice. I can do almost anything for 5 minutes. I often set my goals too high and then knowing I cant really achieve them I quickly give up. I will try to keep your words in mind. Any improvement is better than no improvement. Thanks. pd

with exercise - start small… you DO have the energy to exercise daily. go for a little walk every day, 15 or 20 minutes, or something else-- before i get into the shower, sometimes i do a bunch of pullups, chinups, or pushups - just for a couple minutes. once you start doing things that are easy and even enjoyable, you’ll feel better and be able to increase your exercise.

Thank you very much for all the tips that you guys gave me. i’ll keep them all in mind… i’ll start my exercise routine tom. 5 min. at a time and loaded up my ipod with great tunes. hopefully, i’ll find my inspriration and set a short term goal too. i just hope that i can keep it up past the two weeks mark ( i usually quit around this period). Again, thanks a lot and i’ll keep you posted on how am i doing… :slight_smile: