Gotta Love Those Insurance Companies

Thanks. I won’t mind the hour drive at all if he’s good for me. I used to drive 2 hours for one that I couldn’t stand just so I could get my prescriptions. That was horrible. He wanted me to come every 3 months and he did absolutely nothing for me except write Rx. Anyway, hope everything works out for you. I know you don’t want to wait, but if you have to it is worth waiting for. Good luck!!!

i was not put in the hospital for starting the pump. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when i was 17, ya i was young and pregnant, when i was 21 i was on oral medication and allergic to sulfa. most of the oral meds are sulfa based and were making me sick, when animas came out with the insulin pump i started that and not hospitalized. when i started the omnipod i transfered my settings from one meter to the other and was on my way with my educators help. i didn’t need the doctor at all.

I didn’t go into the hospital, but I was already carb counting and doing multiple daily injections. Basically mimicking a pump and had been doing that for 12 yrs so it was a fairly easy transition for me.

I just had an appointment with the diabetes/pump nurse at my clinic and she helped we get it set up, we practiced how to do everything, like setting the alarms, the basal and how to do boluses. There were also video tutorials and a workbook that came with my pump and I had done these at home before the appointment so I pretty much had it all figured out already.

She had me do my first insertion and that was it. I went in a couple times/month while we got things set just right and if I had questions I asked. It wasn’t that complicated, that I needed constant care.

But everyone is different and requires different treatment. Good luck with your situation.

Hey - I have to agree with almost everyone else posting a reply. I went to my dr’s office for training w/ a minimed rep. I’ve actually had a few meetings with them during the last few years. I think that medtronic is used more often by dr’s because they provide support to dr’s w/o using insurance. I too haven’t heard of being hospitalized for training, but I’m no expert. Did you inform your endo of the insurance trouble? Sometimes they know how to help things move along.
I do remember having to fax my BS #'s to the insurance company & I think I was a little leary of getting the pump, so it may have taken me awhile to get things going as well.

I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations, I get tired of dealing with the crooks too. Wonder what the future holds, will anything change?