Gotta Share

Weirdly, I had an absolutely fantastic and mostly "healthy" time at a week long bread baking class in West Virginia. I know, it sounds STUPID?!?! Not really. I only had one bad day of high BGs--actually think it was a pump problem, and did not take much more insulin then on a normal day. I love the science of baking, feed my mind as well as my soul and learned SO much.

Ate a lot of salad to balance the tasting bites of carbs. Good trade off and worked great with my T1. I still believe that when I cook the food, know what is in it, life and BG levels are so much better.

It was a fantastic week and I met wonderful people. Truly a great experience.

We made calculations at the end and they are staggering. We used 100 pounds of whole wheat flour. That totals 46,500 carbs and 208,000 calories, not including the sugar, nuts, chocolate, eggs, milk.... With sharing with the 100 other participants, we figure each of them gained 1/2 pound.

With care, I was able to do this and succeed as a T1. I am kind of proud of myself.

You are in Cedar Rapids right? I remember when I was in college at University of Iowa and there was a farmer's market downtown when the Amana folk would come and sell the most wonderful baked goods. I pretty much learned dosing for high-carb meals with MDI thanks to those folks in the 1980's :-)

Sometimes when I get frustrated at work I think I ought to quit my job and go to the Amana colonies and help them bake yummy stuff. I could probably get a insulin pump there as long as it looked like a hand cranked butter churn!

That sound's fantastic! Congratulations on keeping your sugars in check. I love baking and bread too but it is really one of the things that gives me terrible spikes! I avoid most of the time. Did you have any special techniques? The salads were a good idea.

I miss baking bread too, I think you did so well.

I grew up in Iowa--Davenport and Cedar Rapids. Graduated from the U of I. But I now live outside DC and have been here for nearly 40 years. Until my father passed a few years back, I went home several times a year Last time I was in Amana was 5 years ago and Dad and I have lunch at the Colony Inn.

Baking can be very soothing. Nothing like kneading dough if you are angry.

that all looks sooo good!

Baking bread is very therapeutic , we used to own a bakery. Once I got diagnosed I said I just can’t make 5 dozen cinnamon buns 3x a week. ,lol. Nancy

I walk in a mall with some friends and we walk by a Cinnabar (not sure of name--the cinnamon bun place) and they really push out the smells! We have fun talking about how many times around the mall we would have to walk if we ate one bun. Someone looked it up and it would be 880 calories! One round in the mall is 1.3 miles so you can figure it out!

I congratulate Spock for being able to make those good decisions. Home made bread is the best.

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast one day last week-sweet dough, cinnamon sugar, raisins, frosting.... They were coming out of the oven as people arrived for the day. They absolutely loved them.

While we were eating, someone noticed that I was having toast and not the rolls. Best way to explain is that it is the baking I enjoy. I love to watch others eat my creations and enjoy themselves. Not eating them s no big deal.

What a fabulous share! Those baked goods look wonderful!! My mouth was watering when I read about the cinnamon rolls :)