GoTubb - fits glucose tablets perfectly

When I’m out and about, I often like to keep some glucose tablets in my pocket even though I have them in my backpack. Often I’m standing on public transit or walking or exercising or otherwise find it annoying to have to stop and dig glucose tablets out of my bag. Also, when I’m in a meeting or teaching or somewhere else where I don’t have my bag immediately available, I like to keep some glucose tablets in my pocket. I’ve had situations where I’ve dropped low so quickly that even taking five minutes to get to my bag is too long.

I’ve been keeping an entire tube of glucose tablets in my pocket during these situations, but an entire tube is often more than I need. All I want are a few to quickly treat an unexpected low.

The other day I saw this product at the store and though it might be useful for something, so bought it. It turns out that it fits three Dex4 tablets, or 12 grams of carbohydrates, perfectly. The little tub is much smaller and an entire tube. Perfect for those situations where I want some glucose tablets in my pocket but don’t necessarily need an entire tube.

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Looks interesting. I ordered a set of three to try.

Thanks, this will be convenient for my water bottle holder which has a tiny side pocket.

Holds a hat-trick of glucose tabs!

I used it today. Needed one tab and took from my pocket while walking and consumed the tablet without breaking stride. The closure is simple and air-tight – no gluco-dust escapes. I like and will continue to use. Thanks for the tip, @Jen.

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Glad you like it! I’ve been using mine and love it. In the past week I averted a low in a meeting at work (and it’s so great to be able to just go to a meeting without first making sure I grab a tube of ten tablets!), went low while standing holding a handrail on a moving train, and went low while walking home from the store. In all three cases, I was able to treat the low easilyl without having to get at my bag.

Just went for a walk. Was grumbling to my wife before going about how wrapping up glucose tabs in plastic wrap was a pain in the butt and if I did go low it would be a pain to unwrap.

I will order some of these now…

My wife kindly just ordered them for me while I was telling her how awesome they sounded. I expect to see them soon…

Just ordered the GoTubbs, thank you Jen!

I just received my orde from Amazon yesterday, at @Jen’s recommendation. It only fits 2 of the CVS brand glucose tabs but they fit perfectly. No more using baggies! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll stick with the 10-count tubes. Most of the time 2 tabs do the trick. But yesterday when I walked 18 holes of golf, it took 8 tabs to get me through the round.

I still keep the 10-count tubes in my bag, and if I were doing some exercise lasting for hours on end, I would definitely bring them instead. I find the little tubs useful for work meetings, teaching classes (which, for me, is often not in a classroom), and running errands—situations where I want quick access to the glucose tablets in my pocket without necessarily having to interrupt what I’m doing to dig through my bag and where I’m unlikely to need more than a couple of tablets.

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