Government of BC, Canada sucks

I managed my diabetes type 2 for 16 years without medications, using a careful diet, exercise, and test strips as required. As I am on a disability pension because of a brain injury five years ago that prevents me from working, I don’t have the money to pay for any extra supplies.
As of last year the BC government - as part of their program to cut taxes for the rich by cutting programs for the poor - limited access to test strips for people on disability like me. So I ran out in June and could not afford the $1 per strip cost on my disability pension.
The end result was I started getting a lot of symptoms like out of breath and leg pains and when I started checking my blood sugars again at the end of the year they were in the 250 or so range.
I really had no way of knowing how high my bgs were and this week I am having to see a specialist who will look at my breathing problems from the high BGs.
Anyhows, it could end up being a save some pennies spend big bucks thing for the government as I get further complications and require health care.

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I would send you all these strips that I have at home that I do not use but I don’t know what meter you use currently I was using an Accu check Aviva plus and it’s sad The government doesn’t want to help you knowing you’re disabled and have health issues

Since we are now in a new year the “strip counter” has been reset, meaning I am eligible for another 500, rationed out through the year. Ideally I like to test five times a day which requires around 1500 strips a year… However through Craigslist I found someone offering an accu-check compact meter with 700 expired (2013, 2014) strips for $20. So all I have to is test the first strip in each old cartridge alongside a test strip from my current meter, and calibrate accordingly. Usually it appears the expired strips are sowing about 40 points too high.

This may only be for people who use insulin (they don’t distinguish between Type 1s and Type 2s in that regard), but I can have my endocrinoloigst write to the government and request more test strips if I need more than the 3,000/year they cover (which I would need if I wasn’t on a CGM). I’d get your doctor to write and see if they’ll do the same for you. I know someone (again, though, Type 1) who has done it successfully.