Government shutdown leads to insulin rationing

I wonder if Medicare (or any insurer) might check Rx refill frequency and decide arbitrarily that you don’t need as much as your Rx is for.

I suppose it’s a possibility but chasing after that kind of data on people would also be an expenditure of resources, so there’d have to be a commensurate benefit or incentive that would make it worth doing. I’m not sure one exists.

I’ve never seen them do any such thing. We have skipped Rx a lot and that doesn’t preclude us from filling the Rx’s when we want. I skipped getting sets and reservoirs for almost a year. On Medicare. No problem.

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Same, though not on Medicare. I’m prescribed more than I need and fill when I feel like it. 1x / year the prescription has to be renewed, which causes an automatic fill whether I want it or not… private insurance, major mail order pharmacy

Prescriptions are now normally automatically sent from your doctor’s office to your pharmacy on record with your doctor’s office, however, you can tell your doctor not to send your prescription to your pharmacy and/or request a paper prescription. That is what I do as I buy all my insulin in Canada and although no prescription is required to purchase in Canada, a prescription can be required at the border to bring your insulin back into the US.

You’re correct, I could do that, and in a perfect world I’d prefer that—- although the runaround with actually getting a new prescription has grown old with me, so I find it’s easier to have my mail order pharmacy automatically fax my docs office the renewal request on their schedule, whether I need it or not… it does prompt a not “requested” refill and copay… but for me that’s a small price to pay to avoid the headaches