Governor Scott Walker can KISS MY ASS!

WARNING! I am about to go off on a rant; this may not be for the light of heart:

Im wondering WTF is wrong with Governor Scott Walker?

I mean who the heck in their right mind thinks that TEACHERS make too much money? And why would anyone want to take away health insurance for the people who need it most? Makes me sick, and mad, and angry, and frustrated. I thought politicians were supposed to HELP PEOPLE? NOT DESTROY PEOPLES LIVES?

Im not sure I will be able to survive as the guys budget may destroy both my job and my health insurance.

But thats OK! If you want to line the pockets of those WHO REALLY DONT NEED ANYTHING MORE, AT THE COST OF THE POOR, maybe I am not long for this World!

Too much Greed, too much ignorance, too much lack of empathy and compassion for fellow Humanity. Misanthropy and Misogyny on top of that. WHERE DO THESE FOOLS COME FROM? I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE LIKE THIS, YET THEY HAVE SO MUCH POWER??? Its ridiculous…

And to think I believed Clinton when he said there would be health care for all. What is wrong with the USA? Ill tell you what, a lack of healthy well educated MAJORITY IMO.


I hope I have a serious misunderstanding of this issue, because as it looks on paper,




Athough really, a country founded on SLAVERY, will probably never be too far from its ROOTS I guess…

Tell me I’m wrong, no better yet, I implore you, SHOW ME. PROVE IT TO ME!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you you’re wrong. Maybe our country saw its glory days in the 50’s and 60’s, and now we’re past our prime. I don’t think it’s hopeless, but there needs to be a lot more grassroots activism and the average but intelligent people taking back the power that they have lost. But the rich overlords won’t give up their power easily – never in any other country, and not likely here. :frowning:

They want to keep us poor uneducated and ill so we can not rise uo

I totally agree with you that the problem is lack of an educated well read electorate. We bring this on ourselves by voting without understanding the issues. The person with the best sound bite wins and then they proceed to screw those who elected them and feather the beds of those who paid for their election campaign.

I’m a teacher in West Allis, WI…I too am wondering what the heck is wrong with Scott Walker. He’s a moron. I’ve been stressed out beyond belief about pay, health insurance, and whether I’ll even have a job or not next year, and I’ve been stressed about this stuff non-stop since February.

We are seriously under attack by the right. Koch Brothers have more money than God and they will do anything to keep it. The assault on public employees in Wisconsin, Illinois and the other states where the collective bargaining is under attack. This is nothing more than a concerted plan to deny the democratic party funding support. After Citizens United, all bets are off and they can flood the elections with ads. The US Chamber of Commerce is a huge problem in all of this (see Koch Brothers above). When did teachers, police and firemen become enemies of the state?

They have been able to dumb-down the electorate. The Nation is NOT your household budget. On the macro scale things work very differently, especially in times of economic crisis. Unemployment benefits are THE most stimulative item in the economy. They get the money and they spend it. They have to. They have to live. For every dollar in UI paid out, it adds $1.61 to the economy.

I don’t think taxes are evil. I realize I get lots of services from them. If I have to lose my middle class tax cut to take it away from the rich, I will happily do so so that we can get out of this and make sure our people can eat and keep a roof over their heads. This nihilism is inexplicable to me.

What has been going on in Wisconsin has been a huge frontal assault on the middle class. I am energized by the push back and the recalls. I’m supporting the efforts as much as I can. I just wish the democrats would wise up and realize that this is the stuff that gets them elected. Everyone has abandoned labor.

Kari, I don’t get where people think teachers are getting rich. Money is not the reason people get into the profession.

I mentioned elsewhere that my first year couple of years of teaching, WITH a master’s degree, my pay was so low, my son qualified for reduced-price lunch, which is a program to help the poor. Teachers are professionals, and should not be poor! Of course, part of the problem is that it’s still majority female, and women are traditionally paid poorly. Kari is in the spot that I was in 30 years ago – I wish she would get better than I got!

Hate that one, but I agree with you one hundered percent. I agreed with Clinton years ago about everybody having healthcare. These greedy ppl are tearing the US apart.

I hear ya. WTF happened to America? I mean, WE voted for these guys (well, not ME personally but someone did) so in a way we are their employers and we pay their salaries - and they treat us like crap! Technically, they should be FIRED! (and why can’t we do that if we hired them?) American is so unbelievably different than it was 20 years ago, it is scary. It almost feels like a dictatorship. If we were all allowed to vote on all these issues, things would be so much different. 98% of this country would vote against tax cuts for the rich that is for sure! I got a big long list of what I would vote for and against and the country would be completely different.

I honestly shake my head in disbelief at some of things they are planning on doing - it is unbelievably immoral. I have been unemployed for years and I suffer from discrimintion from being long term unemployed, to having bad credit and to being too “old” (god, I am only 41 and I look 31 - since when is over 40 “too old”?). For me, no unemployment insurance (and haven’t had it for years but can’t believe they are cutting it out for the ones who were getting extended), no medical insurance for years (and dx during that time too), I have to rely on my parents and all I get are Food Stamps for assistance (and they want to cut those too!). I don’t qualify for any health care so I go to the low cost clinc where I pay $15 a visit - I have no income, I shouldnt have to pay anything. I can’t go to an endo or any other specialist I need to go to (for me ENT and audiologist). Not even a low cost dentist - I haven’t been to the dentist in like 6 years!

Geez, I mean when will it end. I only get $200 a month and since food price has gone up lately even though I buy the same stuff (I hardly ever treat myself anyhow) there is pretty much nothing left after I do my monthly stock and they want to CUT it?? I am in Chicago and $200 a month doesn’t go very far for food here. I used to get more when I lived in Wisconsin for a while.

And yees, what happened up in Wisconsin lately! I used to live in Wisconsin for a short time and after the last election I was asking my WI friends - “Why did you guys turn all RED up there?” LOL! Scott Walker is a jerk…that Paul Ryan really pisses me off too! Both are a-holes.

You’re not wrong. Unfortunately. But too many rich Republicans have a totally distorted view of what it is to be poor and chronically ill. And their minds are made up – don’t confuse them with the facts. I am lucky enough to be a lady of modest, but independent means, but I was at one time a single welfare mother – I will NEVER forget my brothers and sisters who are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. And all too often not succeeding. I was raised to believe that no matter how little you have, you are obligated to give to those who have less. Too bad the Republicans don’t have that concept!

Glad to hear I’m not the only one who sees it that way!