Grabbing CGM Data from tConnect/tSlim?

Hi all,

As a programmer, I am very interested if there is a way to grab the CGM data that the tConnect software sends to the tConnect online web application server.

It annoys me that the tConnect web application just shows “averages” for the most part. I want to be able to see my actual trend graph just as I do on my tSlim pump. I would think that this wuld be so much more helpful that to just know my highest high and lowest low and averages for a given period of time.

I figured if there was a way to intercept the data being sent, I could write my own app to interpret this data.

I have seen other posts talking about intercepting the radio frequency. But, I thought maybe there was an easier way since the tSlim and tConnect communicate via USB and ultimately over HTTP to get the data to the web.

Anybody try this or have any insight?