Grabbing the Reins

Since the pregnancy of my son, I have felt that my once relatively quite life with my daughter has been the combination of a roller coaster and a runaway wagon. I belong to that special group of people who were lucky enough to have gotten to enjoy their childhood and young adulthood free from diabetes (well sort of…my father is a Type I). Like him I was diagnosed later and after I had my first child.

Though I am still having good A1Cs, I know that I can do better. I have teetered on the low side and sometimes sideswiped by a low that many times is completely unexplained but still am able to manage to help myself. Well, that was until recently. My one and only time I have needed someone’s help.

So basically, I am scared back into the notion that my good is just not good enough and that I need to be doing my BEST, not just for myself but for my children who are still relatively little. So my question becomes…being the mother who takes care of everyone else, making the sacrifices and putting yourself last out of necessity, how do I manage to put myself first so I can put my family first?